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  1. Any chance you update Zeah Favour? Id send a tip! 

  2. GrnTeletubby


    If they are on your minimap it instantly clicks.
  3. GrnTeletubby


    Start the script and hover over the logout button as soon as possible. If any players are near it will instantly click the logout before they can PK you. I made this for chaos temple. You will have to baby sit it though because world switching, logging back in, and unnoting bones is on you. No more losing bones though! The script just gives inhumane reaction times so you logout before pkers can attack you. You also don't have to stare at the minimap. When you're ready just login and start the script again.
  4. It shouldn't have anything to do with a ring slot or equipment. Teleport to House is an inventory item. The glory in the house in an NPC. Don't understand how this would break this method of Prayer.
  5. Version 1.0 (July 16th 2016) - Fixes cranes, returns to bank to get more planks. Version 1.1 (July 17th 2016) - Added simple GUI. Digs up sand worms and turns them into the NPC for favor, gets more empty buckets from the bank. Version 1.2 (July 17th 2016) - Collects fresh fish from barrels of fish and deposits them into cooler. Version 1.3 (July 18th 2016) - Did some editing for GUI to contain all houses. Added plough pusher for Hosidius house.
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