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  1. There's quite a few scripts on the repository that can already accomplish this for far cheaper than what it would cost for a private one.
  2. If you are experiencing the client disappearing, but the game does not, please reply to this thread with the following information: TRiBot Version: Operating System: Java Version (as selected when you launch the client): Active Script (or if there was no script active): Local or Repository: Using Looking Glass: Additional Info:
  3. Not sure. I’m not collecting data for that at the moment so if I add them back it probably won’t be until the release of TRiBot X.
  4. These aren't mine, I track user progress reports because people don't like to post them on their own for some reason. But no breaks by the looks of it and I don't know if they are using looking glass or not.
  5. I think you are confusing this script with the premium aAgility.
  6. We just added a market section to our discord, but it's probably not very popular yet.
  7. It's a known issue and will be fixed soon.
  8. Welcome to TRiBot!
  9. Encoded

    Mirror mode

    Yes and it supports OSBuddy and a custom version of OpenOSRS that @Fluffee maintains.
  10. The script never supported death before the new mechanics.
  11. Not for a while. Got a lot of stuff I want to add and need to train accounts for.
  12. This is intentional as I received feedback from many users that they did not like how it would count non-whole cakes towards the required amount. Post your GUI settings and explain to me what you want it to withdraw vs what it is withdrawing and I may be able to help you. I also looked at your progress reports and it doesn't appear to be withdrawing any absurd amount of cakes unless you are manually intervening.
  13. How to become a Scripter at TRiBot: To become a Scripter at TRiBot, you must submit an application in the Scripter Application section on the forums. The requirements to become a Scripter are 3 open source scripts demonstrating adequate knowledge of the Java programming language and the TRiBot API. A presence in the community is also highly desired and lack of community involvement may negatively impact your application. To maintain the Scripter role, you must provide support for at least 3 free scripts. How to become a Premium Scripter at TRiBot: To become a Premium Scripter at TRiBot, you must first become a Scripter. After you become a Scripter, you will be able to submit a script that you wish to sell for review by the TRiBot Development Team. Once the script is approved, you will receive the Premium Scripter role and be able to sell scripts on the repository. To maintain the Premium Scripter role, you must provide support for all your premium scripts as well as at least 3 free scripts.
  14. Check the logger. It’ll tell you why.
  15. This will be fixed in the next update.
  16. Cloudflare is currently having issues.
  17. Lots of missing null checks on interfaces and and unhandled exceptions from Integer.parseInt
  18. Lots of missing null checks.
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