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  1. Encoded

    after updating to java 11 bot do not start

    TRiBot does not support Java 11. Uninstall 11 and download 8.
  2. Encoded

    Auto Wintertodt Pro

    http://encodedscripting.com/ Auto Wintertodt Pro subdues the Wintertodt located on Zeah for profitable firemaking experience. This is a dangerous activity. Do not bot with any items you are not willing to lose! Requirements: - 50+ Firemaking Recommended: - 21+ Woodcutting w/ Mithril axe if fletching - 41+ Woodcutting w/ Rune axe if not fletching Current Options: - Fletching - Lighting Brazier - Fixing Brazier - Idling at 500 Points Braziers Supported: - South West - South East Food Supported: - Any item with the "Eat" option, including cakes. - Wine - Saradomin brews if using item id. ABC2 ABCL 10 Dragon axe special attack supported. Purchase: 5 credits for 1 month, 3 instances. 7 credits for 1 month, 5 instances. 10 credits for 3 months, 3 instances. 2 credits for 14 days, 1 instance. Note: Instances are the amount of accounts that can be ran simultaneously. 90 minute monthly trial; try it before you buy it! Click here to purchase. Progress Reports: Dynamic Signatures: Usage Guidelines: Have roofs disabled and camera at max zoom. Food name must be the exact name when inputting it in the GUI. Must have all required items at script start: - Axe equipped or in inventory. - Tinderbox in inventory. - Knife in inventory (only if fletching). - Hammer in inventory (only if fixing brazier). Client freezing when starting the script? Add wintertodt.encodedscripting.com and to TRiBot's firewall always allow. Script Support: https://discord.gg/FDnMbkU Food Tab Explained Food ID or Name - The case sensitive name of the food or the id of it. Amount to Withdraw - The maximum amount of food that will be withdrawn when banking. Food Amount To Bank At - The minimum amount of food the script will return to the bank at after a round is finished. Eat At Bank - Withdraws additional food to heal to full or close to full at the bank. Use ABC2 Eat At Health - Relies on TRiBot's antiban to determine what health value to eat at. Minimum Health to Eat At - self explanatory Health Variation - The random amount that is added or subtracted from the minimum health to eat at value. Prevents the script from always eating at the same hp.
  3. Kind of surprised trying to hop doesn't automatically close the dialogue. edit: I just tested multiple interfaces and I was able to hop with all of them open.
  4. http://encodedscripting.com/ Features: Anti-Ban Compliance 2 Auto Fisher Pro makes use of TRiBot's second version of anti-ban (ABC2). ABC2 has been built upon statistical analysis of human playing data, making our anti-ban the most human-like on the market. Reaction times are based on real human data collected specifically for fishing and are togglable in the settings tab. Resizable & Looking Glass Both resizable mode and looking glass are supported. Minnow Fishing Catch minnows at the fishing guild and receive up to 600 sharks per hour. Fishing Trawler Acquire the Angler outfit for an extra experience boost or to gain access to Minnow fishing Karambwan Fishing Start in Zanaris or at the fishing location with a filled karambwan vessel and a dramen staff equipped. Last fairy ring destination must be DKP. Barbarian Fishing Support for both heavy rod (leaping fish) and hand fishing. Earn the fastest fishing experience in the game while also gaining strength and agility experience. Barb-tail harpoon and Dragon harpoon support Free up an inventory space by using the Barb-tail harpoon or Dragon harpoon. Dragon harpoon special attack supported. Shift Dropping and Mouse Keys Dropping Drop quickly by making use of the in game shift click to drop option or emulate mouse keys and drop even faster for maximum experience per hour. Kitten Support Raise a kitten while you fish. Have a knife in your inventory if raising a kitten while fishing for leaping fish. Progressive Mode Designed with gold farmers in mind, progressive mode allows a fresh account to level up and switch to lobsters at 40 fishing or swordfish at 50 fishing. Start the script with all required items for the options you have chosen (can be noted) and the bot will switch location and fish accordingly. Progressive mode does not buy items for you. Genie Support Solves the Genie random event and uses the lamp on fishing. AFK Breaks Enable AFK breaks to simulate leaving your computer to use the restroom or to grab a snack. World Hopping Hop worlds if the amount of players near you surpasses a certain amount. (Only works for members worlds) Automatic Muling (COMING SOON, CURRENTLY IN TESTING) Automatically trade another account all the fish you've collected so you don't miss out on any profit. All communication between accounts is handled out of game. Locations: Barbarian Village Burgh de Rott Catherby Draynor Fishing Guild Jatizso Karamja Land's End Lumbridge Mor Ul Rek Observatory Otto's Grotto (Baxtorian Falls) Piscarilius (Zeah) Piscatoris Fishing Colony Quidamortem Rellekka Seers' Village Shilo Village South Baxtorian Falls (Rasolo) Tree Gnome Stronghold Wilderness Resource Area Zul-Andra Purchase: 5 credits for 1 month, 3 instances. 8 credits for 1 month, 5 instances. 12 credits for 1 month, 8 instances. 20 credits for 1 month, 30 instances. 25 credits for 1 month, 50 instances. 10 credits for 3 months, 3 instances. 2 credits for 14 days, 1 instance. Note: Instances are the amount of accounts that can be ran simultaneously. Click here to purchase. Progress Reports: Dynamic Signatures: http://signature.encodedscripting.com/fisher.png?username=Your%20Case%20Sensitive%20Username Script Support: https://discord.gg/FDnMbkU
  5. It does not require karambwanji specifically. It will use whatever you are fishing. Just make sure you have a knife if doing leaping fish.
  6. Encoded

    Auto Smither

    Locations: - Edgeville furnace - Varrock anvil Smelts any bar or cannonballs at Edgeville furnace. Ring of forging currently not supported. Start at Edgeville bank or furnace with roofs off. Smiths dart tips, knives or platebodies at Varrock anvil. Start at Varrock west bank or anvil with roofs off. Repository Link: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/2298 Want to help keep this script up to date? Encoded gladly accept OSRS gold and bond donations.
  7. Encoded

    Any suggested Agility scripts?

    Seers is also the only location I've been banned at using my agility script. All the accounts I run at canifis until full graceful are never touched.
  8. A few of you brought to attention the break handler in What's the thing you'd like to see the most? I would like to gather more feedback in regards to break handler improvements. Please answer the following questions with as much detail as possible. If you feel like you can't express what you want to describe in words then consider drawing it and uploading a picture. 1. What do you like about the current break handler? 2. What do you dislike about the current break handler? 3. What specific improvements would you like to see be implemented into the break handler?
  9. Encoded


    If it's 100% detectable log onto another account and see if you get banned.
  10. Encoded

    Black screen Looking Glass

    If you're getting a black screen with RuneLite, but some of the interfaces are displaying then disable the GPU plugin. OSBuddy black screen due to the latest OSBuddy update is being investigated.
  11. Encoded

    TRiBot Release 10.11_0

    Konduit is not supported.
  12. Encoded

    Auto Wintertodt Pro

  13. Your break handler should look similar to what your breaking pattern would be if you were actually playing the game legit.
  14. Encoded

    Journal Entry: Day 1 of the Tribocalypse.

    We have an auto updater that occasionally breaks from game updates like it did today. Overall TRiBot has around 10-15 days of downtime a year, so around 96% up time. Unfortunately today is a holiday for most of us so it may or may not be updated today. I personally won’t have access to a computer until late tonight.
  15. If you haven’t figured out by the red banner by now, TRiBot is down.
  16. Encoded

    Auto Wintertodt Pro

    TRiBot is down.
  17. Encoded

    Auto Woodcutter

    Auto Woodcutter is a minimal all in one woodcutter. Reviewed and Rated 5/5 Stars at RSBotSpot - Preset locations - Custom locations - Shift Dropping - Mouse Key Dropping - Bird Nest support Script Support: https://discord.gg/FDnMbkU Want to help keep this script up to date? Encoded gladly accept OSRS gold and bond donations.
  18. Encoded

    Worldhopping help

    Go into your TRiBot settings and disable the firewall.
  19. No clue. It's nearly impossible to reliably calculate a so called ban rate.
  20. Are you trying to do fishing trawler for xp or money? If so it isn't worth it. Fishing trawler is just so you can get the anglers outfit which is needed for minnows.
  21. Encoded

    Auto Miner

    Auto Miner is a power miner with limited banking support. Supported Banks: Varrock West Varrock East Port Sarim Deposit Box Al Kharid Members Mining Guild If the script is started without selecting any rocks, the previously selected rocks and option will be used. The script can be found on the repository here. Want to help keep this script up to date? Encoded gladly accept OSRS gold and bond donations.
  22. Encoded

    Account help

  23. Encoded

    Auto Wintertodt Pro

    Added a hybrid mode. If I broke anything please let me know.