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  1. https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/2133 Since development has slowed down quite a bit since the nerf, I figured I'd release a free open beta. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. This is by no means a finished product. Do not use the script on any account you are not willing to lose. I highly suggest babysitting. PLEASE REPLY TO THIS THREAD WITH ALL FEEDBACK. Whether it's good, bad, a bug report, or a suggestion, please post it. Currently the script is targeted at low hp accounts. I have not tested on any accounts that can't survive with just cake. (Cake id is 1891 fyi) I haven't extensively tested how long the abc2 reaction times are, but you probably don't want to use them because they are more than likely too long. Known bugs: - Does not loot supply crates if option is selected. - Only certain junk items are dropped. Fixed. In the works: - Better junk item detection. Complete - Switch braziers if pyromancer isn't healed after X duration. Complete - Better support for high hp accounts - Camera angle improvements - Retrieve required items from crates I am in need of suggestions on how the script should function for high hp accounts.
  2. @SebastianChoch it will only keep them if banking is the selected option. In other news, I am working on fixing the negative xp gained in your sig.
  3. Please visit http://autofisher.pro/ for all script details. Script arguments: http://autofisher.pro/arguments Dynamic signatures: http://autofisher.pro/signature
  4. Got finals this week then I'll start pushing the updates that I've been working on.
  5. Handled by client.
  6. I'll be starting back up development potentially Sunday. Rather than addressing you each individually, I'll finish what I have planned and hopefully that will meet all your needs.
  7. I need to get my hands on an account that has access to jatizso and then I'll be able to check it out.
  8. I'm extremely busy today and don't have time to check if today's RS update messed up anglerfish fishing or not. If someone can update me on if it is currently working that would be great.
  9. Did you write the script yourself? If not, the script is probably using a different method of determining this.
  10. Make sure you select to drop junk items on the GUI.
  11. Logic: Inventory contains items to combine? Bank open? Close bank Bank closed and not combining items? Combine items Combining items? Sleep/antiban/etc Inventory does not contain items to combine? Bank open? Combined items in inventory? Deposit combine items Inventory empty? Withdraw items to combine Bank closed? Open bank
  12. The GE window has to be open.
  13. I also got it. Next time just report this directly to a mod/admin. No need to make a post about it which gives them more exposure.
  14. That is to be discussed with the scripter.
  15. If you want exact replication of your current code: rock.click("Mine"); long time = System.currentTimeMillis(); while (Player.getRSPlayer().getAnimation() == -1 && Timing.timeFromMark(time) <= 3000) {
  16. "There's probably some others that could fit in the 4th and 5th spots, but I haven't seen if their coding knowledge is limited to just writing scripts for TRiBot."
  17. If we're going to go knowledge based and not off of script favoritism: Top 3 in no particular order: AlphaDog, TRiLeZ, laniax 4th is a toss up between these: Usa, TacoManStan, warfront1, erickho123, daxmagex, Todd 5th: Encoded, Mute, Assume, Starfox, Tri, Worthy There's probably some others that could fit in the 4th and 5th spots, but I haven't seen if their coding knowledge is limited to just writing scripts for TRiBot.
  18. @dannybazzer I use looking glass and only bot 6-8 hours a day and take some days off. I've only been banned once for fishing ever since I started doing that. And like I said before, the script will move the camera to the fishing spot if it is within a certain distance to the player, otherwise it walks closer. There is no method that tells me that moving the camera will make the fishing spot on screen, I just have to guess based on distance and that's what the script does. @kankerbot You can fish dark crabs at the wilderness resource area and then note them for 50gp each. However, there is currently no pker support or re-entry support back into the resource area and I don't plan on adding those any time soon due to the lack of usage of that location.
  19. @dannybazzer I made some minor changes, I'll be keeping an eye on it for the next few days and make any adjustments that I deem needed.
  20. @dannybazzer If you don't know where the option is then I would assume it's disabled (it's disabled by default). The script moves the camera if the fishing spot is not on screen and within a certain distance to your player. That distance depends on camera zoom. For best performance make sure the camera is zoomed all the way out. If the fishing spot is not on screen and the bot is not moving the camera or walking to the spot send me a picture of where your character is standing and where the spot is. Also after game updates you need to restart tribot twice. It's an annoying bug with the client that will hopefully be fixed soon.
  21. @dannybazzer Yes feathers are better xp/hr. Do you have reaction times enabled?
  22. Yes. Basically the cut option is designed to be be self sufficient given a high enough cooking and fishing level.