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  1. I originally got into botting because there was only certain aspects of the game I liked (specifically pking), but other activities in the game were required to be competitive. Now I just like to see how far I can get without a ban. Currently over 1700 total.
  2. Does it end the script when you get this message? Looking over the code it should not end the script, your signature stats just won’t be updated.
  3. Luckily Java is a lot like C, but with the addition of classes and garbage collection.
  4. Bloods almost ready. Currently in testing. Souls will also be added, but I won't be able to test them.
  5. Make sure it's spelled exactly how it is in game.
  6. Reverted to a previous working version until I fix this.
  7. Should equip it now. Let me know if you have any issues with it. Around 60k
  8. Just did a 100 fruit run without issues.
  9. I have spring break next week. I am going to try and finish the script then since I currently don't have any plans.
  10. Are you trying to run more than 1 account? Also try killing any unwanted instances in the instance manager https://tribot.org/repository/user_panel/instance_manager/
  11. It's always worked. Only thing that may not work right now is Gricoller's can.
  12. This is because there is not enough energy left for it to be worth while to run back to the roots so it waits at the brazier until the next game, but will still fix and light the brazier.
  13. Wait 15-30 minutes after you restart and the instances should timeout. Make sure you use the stop script button when stopping the script and don't exit out of the client.
  14. I haven't made any changes to the script (last update was over a month ago now) and I know you're a long time user so there might be something else at play. Also no one else has ever come to me with these issues. I'll investigate and see what I can find out, but I recommend enabling the TRiBot setting "New Mouse Input Policy" and blocking user input when running the script if you aren't already. Also it looks like you are running on a VPS which might be running slow depending on its specs which can cause delays in TRiBot's actions resulting in unintended behavior.
  15. I believe the repository is finally working correctly. I will be updating the script tonight when I get home. Update: Repository still not fully functioning on scripter side.
  16. Which is why account sales are not allowed at TRiBot.
  17. Waiting on the repo to be fully functional again.
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