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  1. http://signature.encodedscripting.com/wintertodt.png?username=RISK1T
  2. Would you be able to get me a picture of this?
  3. Running on fixed mode instead of resizable should work.
  4. There's currently client issues with resizable.
  5. At the top of the client, select Debug -> Inventory and see if the client is correctly identifying inventory items.
  6. Encoded

    Auto Crafter Pro

    Is Port Phasmatys the only place the charter method works?
  7. The script should wait until the refill stage before taking a break. I'll do some testing to see if that is somehow not working as intended.
  8. If you have ABC heal at enabled then custom input won’t be enabled.
  9. Bruma Torch as a tinderbox should now be supported. Let me know if you have any issues with it not recognizing it.
  10. Encoded

    Auto Crafter Pro

    Sorry about that. I've refunded you, but the script has also been updated.
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