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    I am a college student and self-taught programmer. I acquired my A.S. in Business and now I am pursuing my B.S. in Computer Science. My interests include snowboarding, wakeboarding, paintball, hockey, programming, and video games. I specialize in back-end web development using primarily python and php.

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  1. /** * Converts a point on the screen to a RSTile. * * @param p Point on the screen. * @return RSTile that correlates to the specified point on the screen, or null if the point wasn't on screen. */ public static RSTile screenToTile(Point p) { if (!Projection.isInViewport(p)) return null; RSTile pos = Player.getPosition(); for (int x = pos.getX() - 12; x < pos.getX() + 12; x++) { for (int y = pos.getY() - 12; y < pos.getY() + 12; y++) { RSTile tile = new RSTile(x, y, pos.getPlane()); Polygon bounds = Projection.getTileBoundsPoly(tile, 0); if (bounds != null && bounds.contains(p)) return tile; } } return null; } The parameter p would be your mouse position. I have it limited to a 24x24 area, but feel free to change it up however you want.
  2. @kegan I'll add an option for withdraw amount and an input for hp range to eat at. Also I'll make it withdraw more food every time it banks.
  3. If you disable the auto detect fishing spots option in the settings menu the script will now right click the fishing spots until it finds the correct spot. @Jakob turnup @dantan
  4. I was going to make one that ran the long way and didn't use the teleport, but I thought that method would basically be useless. Let me know if it's something you'd be interested in. Probably going to still make it either way because it wouldn't take that long.
  5. RSBuddy is working for me.
  6. It already died out here.
  7. Check out the official java tutorials https://docs.oracle.com/javase/tutorial/uiswing/index.html
  8. I believe playstyle (variance in levels, quest points, appearance, etc.) matter much much more than what script you use. I've had great success on accounts that I make look like a legit player rather than a bot. I don't attribute that success to any of the scripts I run because I use mostly free or simple self made private scripts that have very little antiban practices implemented.
  9. Interfaces
  10. I didn't get membership either.
  11. https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/2133 Since development has slowed down quite a bit since the nerf, I figured I'd release a free open beta. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. This is by no means a finished product. Do not use the script on any account you are not willing to lose. I highly suggest babysitting. PLEASE REPLY TO THIS THREAD WITH ALL FEEDBACK. Whether it's good, bad, a bug report, or a suggestion, please post it. Currently the script is targeted at low hp accounts. I have not tested on any accounts that can't survive with just cake. (Cake id is 1891 fyi) I haven't extensively tested how long the abc2 reaction times are, but you probably don't want to use them because they are more than likely too long. Known bugs: - Does not loot supply crates if option is selected. - Only certain junk items are dropped. Fixed. In the works: - Better junk item detection. Complete - Switch braziers if pyromancer isn't healed after X duration. Complete - Better support for high hp accounts - Camera angle improvements - Retrieve required items from crates I am in need of suggestions on how the script should function for high hp accounts.
  12. While I think the issue you are having is related to webwalking, the script is in need of an update. I currently find it too slow at detecting trees.
  13. I had an issue the other day where Banking.withdraw wasn't withdrawing the item, except the mouse wasn't moving all crazy like it is in your gif. Banking.find was returning correctly (the item was being found). Sadly wasn't able to reproduce the bug on demand, but it happened at least 3 times over the course of 2 hours or so.
  14. @dantan OSBuddy has the option to display which fishing spots are which and it was discussed years ago that the way the script currently functions is fine.
  15. @KnowledgeIsPower try increasing the sleep modifier. I haven't gotten 45 str/agi yet to test the sturgeon (takes longer than I thought), but I am noticing it misclicking a lot more on the leaping fish compared to regular trout/salmon. I had to increase the sleep modifier myself to get it to misclick less. This isn't exactly related to the issue you described, but may somehow fix it.