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  1. Encoded

    Auto Crafter Pro

    What does the debug say?
  2. Have a server that you report run time to on script end or continuously update it while the script is running.
  3. Try deleting your hooks.dat https://help.tribot.org/support/solutions/articles/36000010820--java-lang-classcastexception-java-lang-integer-cannot-be-cast-to-i-
  4. Nope. Using the exact same setup as I did before the game update today.
  5. Just double checked and it's working for me using 32 bit Java 8_111.
  6. Double checked minnows and it's working fine. A slow connection may cause slow reaction times.
  7. Just pushed an update. Let me know if you're still getting it.
  8. Will be pushing an update tonight.
  9. LG is currently unavailable. Looking into a fix.
  10. Encoded

    Auto Crafter Pro

    - Has support to use last saved tasks via arguments - Already does this I believe. The code is there, but I haven't tested it fully. - 15 for $15 is as low as I am going, if you want more instances you can buy the package multiple times
  11. Fixed. I completely removed the agility level check due to the increased speed that left clicking added. The check was for level 58 before which is about the lowest level you can get full graceful at. It would check your level at first login so it may not have been fully loaded yet when it checked. Anyways, the check has been removed.
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