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  1. The hosidius rework has finally been released. This script will be updated once tribot is working again.
  2. Have you used the dev version?
  3. It’s not ready. I still have to quest my account as well.
  4. Glad you found the cause. Although if deleting hooks.dat fixed it, I wonder why it worked when not using LG since the regular client uses the same hooks
  5. My runecrafter will support blood and souls. Currently working on leveling an account.
  6. What type of anti ban would benefit from ML?
  7. Yeah, I'm slowly training up an account. 77 rc and 73 agility takes a bit of time.
  8. I am currently awaiting the Hosidius house rework before I make any changes to this script. It should be out any week now...
  9. Check out the scripting tutorial section on the forums. There are many tutorials there on different script frameworks.
  10. Have you tried using mouse key dropping? It's relatively the same code wise so I'd be curious to know if it exits early as well.
  11. It's also not an unofficial RuneLite client. It's just a modified launcher for RuneLite. It's the same as how you run the TRiBot launcher (where you login with your TRiBot credentials) and then the TRiBot client is loaded after you login.
  12. There's an update pending. Should be fixed when repo is fixed.
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