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  1. Do you have a slower system or are you using reaction times and AFK mode? I am able to get over 40k/hr no problem.
  2. Encoded

    Auto Wintertodt Pro

    Done. Let me know if you run into any issues with the script.
  3. I just tested by depositing my harpoon in the bank and it successfully withdraw it again after depositing it. Make sure you didn't select the option for hand fishing.
  4. Locate the general.ini file located in .tribot/settings/ Open it with a text editor and change <firewall>true</firewall> to <firewall>false</firewall>
  5. Encoded

    Auto Wintertodt Pro

    I ran with these settings with the exception of 12 to withdraw and 7 required and didn't have any issues.
  6. Encoded

    Auto Wintertodt Pro

    Can you post your settings?
  7. Encoded

    Auto Wintertodt Pro

  8. Encoded

    Auto Wintertodt Pro

    I went ahead and updated the script. If you run into any bugs please notify me.
  9. The mouse speed is determined by ABC2 and I don't intend to change its behavior. The time it feeds the kitten is every 13 to 18 minutes. Since the script doesn't know the last time the kitten was fed, it feeds it on script start.
  10. Encoded

    Auto Wintertodt Pro

    Looks like I won't have the rewrite out tonight. It's about 98% finished. Just need to fix a couple minor bugs still.
  11. Encoded

    Auto Wintertodt Pro

    A rewrite of the script is in the works. Should be done within the next few days. Rewrite almost done. Should be out tonight.