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  1. Encoded

    Worldhopping help

    Go into your TRiBot settings and disable the firewall.
  2. No clue. It's nearly impossible to reliably calculate a so called ban rate.
  3. Are you trying to do fishing trawler for xp or money? If so it isn't worth it. Fishing trawler is just so you can get the anglers outfit which is needed for minnows.
  4. Encoded

    Account help

  5. Encoded

    Auto Wintertodt Pro

    Added a hybrid mode. If I broke anything please let me know.
  6. Encoded

    VPS - Lowering lag/ Java issue help?

    Turn in game sounds off if they aren't off already.
  7. You can run the script on 1 account at a time for unlimited amount of time if you are not VIP.
  8. Encoded

    Auto Wintertodt Pro

    I tried wines last night and it was dropping them no problem, however when it dropped them could be optimized better. Are you fletching?
  9. Encoded

    Auto Wintertodt Pro

    Do you have shift drop enabled?
  10. That’s the TRiBot client regaining focus of the game screen. I don’t have any control over how it goes about doing that.
  11. Encoded

    Auto Wintertodt Pro

    Is the chatbox covering the root?
  12. Encoded

    Auto Wintertodt Pro

    Should be good now, let me know if you have any other issues.
  13. Encoded

    Script Denied

    If there's no error message then it's most likely how you packaged the script in the zip file. Treat the base directory of the zip as the scripts package.
  14. Encoded

    Auto Wintertodt Pro

    http://signature.encodedscripting.com/wintertodt.png?username=Big Business