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  1. You sure it didn't click the deposit to bank button? Your progress report shows that it got the piece too.
  2. A new GUI has been added as well as a basic firemaker.
  3. Make sure the script is activated on the repository. https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/177 Scroll down to user actions.
  4. Encoded

    Auto Crafter Pro

    The level, amount, and duration is when to stop the current task. Whatever you inputted for those is being met.
  5. Adds a delay before performing a task. Like before realizing you took damage to begin feeding the brazier again.
  6. Nope. There was a game update today though. May need to delete hooks.dat
  7. It currently only accepts a bruma torch as a tinderbox if it is equipped. I'll change this in the future, but it is not a priority right now.
  8. Encoded

    Arguments Bug

    RealScript must implement Arguments as well for it to work (which defeats the purpose, I know). I believe this is caused by the way the scripts are loaded.
  9. Script will now click the furnace while the bank is open if it is on screen. Ring of forging support has been added. The script will equip a ring of forging while banking if one is not equipped. The space bar is now used when smelting bars (requires 1 inventory via clicking first).
  10. You should use an IDE if you aren't. You have too many/not enough curly brackets.
  11. I'll fix this and I'll look into ring of forging. Will post again when I've fixed it, will probably be sometime tomorrow.
  12. Steam runes have been added. Will have smoke and mud added by the end of today if all goes well.
  13. https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/3527 Please baby sit and report all bugs and suggestions to me. View the main post for setup guidelines.
  14. Encoded

    Auto Crafter Pro

    Should be fixed. Let me know if there's any other worlds it fails to hop to. I may have missed some others that I didn't know had special conditions.
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