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  1. Encoded

    Auto Wintertodt Pro

    You selected the option in the GUI?
  2. Encoded

    setting the daxWalker api key correctly?

    It'd be the 4th floor of a building. Lots of castles have 4+ floors.
  3. Encoded

    Auto Tithe Farm Pro

    Give the trial a go.
  4. I think the one thing that makes bots slower is they have a hard time clicking moving objects.
  5. Encoded

    Auto Runecrafter Pro Development

    I'm going to try and get cosmics and astrals and potentially natures added this weekend.
  6. Encoded

    Auto Wintertodt Pro

    Unselect loot crates in the settings.
  7. I've only used shift since it was released. Just never removed mouse key incase some people liked using it.
  8. Encoded

    Auto Runecrafter Pro Development

    Currently trying to get to 77 rc on my main then I'll be adding the other methods that are currently disabled on the GUI.
  9. Encoded

    [SUGGESTION] Script rating feature (pros & cons)

    I might implement this into my scripts as a trial run just to see what the results would be. However my implementation will be different from what you described. I will only open the dialogue after the user has logged 100 hours (subject to change) with the script and the user will only be able to have 1 rating.
  10. It will shift drop if it has enough fish chunks to catch a full inventory.
  11. Encoded

    [SUGGESTION] Script rating feature (pros & cons)

    Throughout the years I've probably gotten 5 times as many users leave feedback about being banned than those who leave positive feedback about their results and I'd like to think that I am one of the better scripters here. So even though my scripts are well respected, I would have an overall negative or low score assuming the verbal feedback I already have gotten were to be translated to a rating system. Also the fact that you were able to go more in depth about the cons vs the pros just shows this is not a good idea. Maybe instead of a rating system, just an overall feedback system with predefined responses.
  12. Encoded

    Auto Runecrafter Pro Development

    I think you need to start at the ouriana altar currently. You probably selected using placeholders and didn't have your bank setup correctly. If you didn't have placeholders selected then let me know. Yes it supports staffs and rune pouch. My inventory consists of air runes and rune pouch when I do it.
  13. Encoded

    Auto Runecrafter Pro Development

    1) Changes the dialogue for NPC contact and I currently haven't written the code to support not having the abyssal book in your bank. 2) I said if it's not working for you. 3) I'm not sure I haven't tested it yet. Should deposit the vials I believe.