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  1. Make sure you are running 10.18_2
  2. Check the osrs wiki for what to wear. I've only ever used the script on 10 hp accounts, but I'd recommend setting a custom hp amount to eat at rather than using abc2 amount.
  3. Pollnivneach will be added later tonight after additional testing.
  4. You will not be able to do what TRiBot does with python. The closest you can get to replicating it is to use VMs.
  5. I'd reduce food count to 5 and if you're 10hp I would suggest not using ABC2 and instead set the Health to heal at to 5 with a variation of 1
  6. That is because the mouse was moved off screen and the client did not have focus of the game. So when the mouse needs to regain focus, it right clicks somewhere on the screen (just as you would need to do if you tabbed out). Currently scripters do not have the ability to change this right click behavior, but it is something I can look into giving them the ability to do.
  7. Reaction Times - waits a human like amount of time before performing the next action after your character stops fishing Save Stop Conditions - saves the stop level and stop time you've entered into the GUI so it can be used across multiple sessions on that computer
  8. Everyone will tell you something different in regards to what skills you should and shouldn’t bot. In my experience it doesn’t matter what you bot, it’s more about patterns in your botting and how much you bot.
  9. Delete hooks.dat https://help.tribot.org/support/solutions/articles/36000010820--java-lang-classcastexception-java-lang-integer-cannot-be-cast-to-i-?_ga=2.35174241.1135465852.1561661301-1471399703.1481781273
  10. It's reacting as fast as it can. If you do the minigame legit you'll see that you will miss quite a few leaks yourself; at least that was the case when I was doing it.
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