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  1. what the fuck dude. I ran this on a linux machine, and now i cant close tribot client or interact with it in anyway, and i dont even know of the linux machine has like a task manager or something to close the bot.
  2. sexyrussian

    [p] nature crafter

    Request: Nature rune crafterDescription: a script that crates natures in kajama, uses the un-noting method, supports muling, supports grand echange, support stamina pots, supports energy pots, supports safe route.Payment Amount: What is your budget? 350m, could pay more if you want, but this is coming out of the profit. Time: How soon does this need to be completed? asap. Additional: Any additional comments.
  3. Unmet dependencies. Try 'apt-get -f install' with no packages (or specify a solution). says the same thing with the -f install
  4. sexyrussian

    Will Artificial Intelligence Kill Runescape?

    I had a minecraft server where i sold the currency myself and it peaked at 50k profit a month. Jagex would be making mills. and it doesn't even matter because people quit the game and in that way remove the gold.
  5. sexyrussian

    looking grass?

    hey, so how do you use a proxy with looking grass? the client uses an existing client that doesn't use a proxy... Also doesn't that mean that looking grass divives the number of possible bots by 2?
  6. sexyrussian

    nature altar runecrafter with ge support

    whatever, i got 350 bot slots, im sure i can cover whatever the cost would be. But right now im not making shit, so can someone get on this asap?
  7. So I got space for 350 bots, and I guess I want to run 350 nature crafters. The idea is to use the unnote bitch with the combination of stamina pots and energy pots and noted ess to craft the nature runes. The biggest thing about this, it needs to be fully automatic, restocking at ge, with muler support. So I can just start the script on hundreds of accounts without needing to manually restock them and spend time on them. I'm willing to pay 40% of the profit until I pay 350mil.
  8. sexyrussian

    Will Artificial Intelligence Kill Runescape?

    it's actually triggering to me when stupid people talk about AI. Just because you can mimic human behavior and make something seem human, it's still a program, it still functions within is programming and predetermined parameters. Real AI is basically a consciousness. What you should have said is, "will a human like bot destroy runescape"? and the answer is, guns don't kill people, people kill people. As in, if some retard gold farmer is greedy enough, they will bot with like 1k or 10k bots. But this wont destroy rs, this will crash the price of gold though lol. Buy 10 mil for 1 dollar. It's funny because this entire gold farming market only exists from the pure retardation and neglect of jagex. They could have sold gold directly, and that would destroy the entire gold farming market. Sure some people wont pay the premium rate of 3 bucks a mil, but most will. Tons of people dont even know that you can buy gold, others are too scared to. If jagex provided a super easy and convenient pay to win gold to mils service, the gold farming industry would die. It's a little funny since this is what they kind of did with bonds. Maybe the price is too steep.
  9. So I am looking for an air orber or a abyss nature crafter that can use grand exchange to restock it self. If you have this, i have paypal money
  10. sexyrussian

    need a fungi account maker

    need a script that makes an account to collect fungi so basically need to do lost city, nature spirit, fairy rings 1 and start fairy rings 2, and restless ghost. Also need to get 31 crafting and 36 wc
  11. So I am pressing start script, and there are no other tribots running, and it wont start. keeps saying i have to close other instances but i dont have any tribots open and i closed all java applications in task manager, and no one else is using my account. instance manager says there is nothing so what the FUCK TRIBOT!
  12. sexyrussian

    banana picker free to play

    oh my bad well i blame rs wiki, they marked it as f2p method, but show themselves using baskets in it
  13. sexyrussian

    banana picker free to play

    I wish I could slap the stupid out of you. A basket of bananas is 546 gold, a full inventory would be 14196 gold. Pretty good for a level 3 with no stats huh? Where did you get 500 gp an hour?
  14. sexyrussian

    banana picker free to play

    Apprently the script already exists, i don't know if it uses baskets or not, but the script is 5 years old and probably needs updating and bug fixing.
  15. sexyrussian

    banana picker free to play

    So I just made a level 3 and im looking to bot my way to 2.5m so i can make it members!. I was researching money making methods and came accross banana picker. The idea is to grab, what? 26 baskets and a coin stack, go to karajama, pick bananas and put them into baskets, and apparently it's at least 100k an hour... 25 hours and boom free member ship on any account. I am thinking it could use coins to take the ship and bank in draynor village.