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  1. Here's an 8 hour progress report. This account is solely used for this script. ~14 hours script runtime on this account.
  2. foxfall

    Just Mort Myre

    I believe the issue is with the muling. Ran it just fine without muling, then tried it with muling. I dont know if have private chat set to off/friends on the mule has any effect on it but this seems to be the only thing that I tested that could be the issue.
  3. foxfall

    Just Mort Myre

    https://gyazo.com/4f52f917df20b12c416d2d879a4ca046 Got this when trying to run after the update. Sat at bank for the first start up, this was thew second start up after i put some salve tabs into the inventory. Ran to the portal, came back out via portal and then stopped the script.
  4. foxfall

    Just Mort Myre

    I love the quick responses and updates. Look forward to working with you some more.
  5. foxfall

    Just Mort Myre

    I've noticed this with both spots offered. This time around i was using the Northern spot. I had salve tabs and rings of dueling in the bank still. It has only ended after teleporting to the duel arena before banking.
  6. foxfall

    Just Mort Myre

    That was just me complaining about it being crowded lol. The spots are fine at the moment and ill run it to check the log. Edit: Noticed this while in clan wars portal. "Too many failed attempts" is said after recording. Proceeds to tab out to salve. It still works but just something i noticed. (video clip at very bottom) edit2: Below is the bot log when it randomly ends. myer debug.mp4
  7. foxfall

    Just Mort Myre

    Script randomly stops. I can't pinpoint what the issues is, I just know it ends after going to clan wars randomly. Also dont know if someone is using your script as a bot farm but its crashing the price and all locations are taken. Annoying lmao.
  8. I'll try to get a progress report from a fresh account for 6-8 hours run time with breaks to see where the script takes the account to. EDIT: 6 Hour Proggy w/ 1-3 minute breaks every 30 minute. Absolutely ZERO issues.
  9. Update: Ran for about 3 hours (successfully completed combat tasks after script patch), ended after issues with firemaking in the north eastern section of G.E. edit: firemaking might be bugged from patch. Falador east bank.
  10. I think you have a good vision right now for where you want the script to go. Definitely adding smithing would be good because you could sell bars/smithed items for some cash.
  11. I'll go ahead and run the script today and give you a update on anything that I find. Also, I feel that at some point in this scripts life, if it is maintained and more content is added, You could release a premium version down the line.
  12. If its possible to add even a slight delay to the walking after you cross the stile it should fix the issue.
  13. Update: Combat issues: Trying to gain combat stats at lumby chickens ( North East), kills a few and then this pops up in bot debug.
  14. Update: Bot seems to have issues with climbing over stiles. From my observance it clicks the stile, animation starts, clicks mini map (I assume the bot registers that it has not done the stile yet) and clicks stile again. Repeats over and over again until i manually correct it. https://i.gyazo.com/acf2b7967129aed430ce917e2210ac62.mp4 stile.mp4
  15. This is an amazing concept. Especially the upgrade features for advancing your axes and such. I'll make a freshie and start getting some proggies and feedback going. Edit: Is it possible for it to not train a certain stat such as defense for those who enjoy pures?
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