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  1. foxfall

    WB Farmer BETA

    Would love to see this come back
  2. foxfall


    let it run for a bit, gonna post a proggy in a bit
  3. Im going to run this off of a lvl 3 (did some manual skilling beforehand) and see where it ends up. I'll try to get some proggies while im at it.
  4. foxfall

    WB Farmer BETA

    got it! I will be looking forward to the premium then
  5. foxfall

    WB Farmer BETA

    Seems to not want to tele Just FYI, The imgur links for the GUI are broken on the first page of this post.
  6. I have to second that issue. It's still occuring.
  7. for some reason the script keeps trying to take me north of the GE (between the wall and wildy ditch). Script was fine yesterday. I've closed both clients. Do you think it has something to do with the script or the client itself?
  8. did something happen to the script? I used to have the lifetime auth for this script( when the script first came out) I cant find it anymore in my script manager.
  9. I don't know why but every time this happens it resolves itself a day later. Might happen again in the future but for now it has stopped with that bug
  10. Currently suiciding with rock cake and overloads. 4 client restarts and script reset. Keeps going it over and over. "Eating rock:19" is what i think is doing it. Eating while overloads are taking hp down.
  11. I need : Underground pass, Temple of Ikov, legends quest started up to the jungle portion (for RFD), heroes quest (with 50 mining and 25 herblore, currently work on both atm). If you dont want to get those skills im sure we can work around it. I believe thats all i need and hopefully wont take too much of your time.
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