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  1. Hardstyle ftw
  2. Im quitting rs again, I have 2 tribot credits. first one to PM me gets transferred 2 Credits lol
  3. Been up for 4 fuckin days and just got banned botting agility im fucking pissed fuck runescape 07 i need more dope fuck i hate this shit. Getting perma banned made the comedown 100x worse fuck these were my stats. i just got back into 07scape this month and was doing very well on my gmaul pure. well gf that acc.
  4. I got banned at the Varrock tea stall.. Some BULLSHIT
  5. Thank you for this script. I was very impressed. completed tut island in less than 10 minutes!
  6. start dropping acid 2 times a week. trust me, you will be tripping balls so hard that you will completely forget about weed...
  7. double light show for you guys http://www.mediafire.com/view/tbsdyaalzx541jq/double%20light%20show%20x).MP4
  8. Sick! Glad to see other ravers on tribot.
  9. If anyone out here at tribot gloves, post some vids! Ill start by posting mine. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yk_eHRwoW2o EDIT, uhh idk how to post youtube vids to forums
  10. I deserve this, As I am a scammer.
  11. Add me on skype to discuss prices.
  12. I agree with steven. Also, your profile picture should be a scripter title. That's missleading and should be against the rules since that's a scamming technique in itself I just put the scripter rank pic as my avatar for the lolz. Ill change it when i get home.
  13. You did a shit job. Your not a customer, you worked for me, therefore I wouldnt classify this as a scam. Yeah, I took your shit. Tough luck. You blow cock at powerleveling.
  14. Confirmed. Starting your order once I receive payment.
  15. Questing now Re-opened! MikeMoKnows AIO Services is now HIRING all QUESTERS. PM/Skype me for additional information.