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  1. Both are up to date, still no luck. Can you refund the purchase please? @Einstein
  2. This script will not load on my Macbook. After starting the script, the client freezes and does not respond. Any suggestions? This is the only script that will not work. @Einstein
  3. The script seems to be running great until it needs to repair pouches via NPC Contact. It will loop through clicking on NPC Contact, clicking on the Dark Mage, and then repeats the process once the dialogue appears. @warfront1
  4. ZMI is working fine. I ran for the hour trial and it ran flawless. Can you lower the price back with a disclaimer that certain methods may not function 100% yet?
  5. Duke4eva

    LG Issues..

    What was the resolution on LG? I too have had issues using Runelite or OSbuddy.
  6. Same here. I am dying very often, not to mention I have very good stats and a blowpipe and trident of the swamp and still getting 4:30 kills, which is extremely high.
  7. please send this to mute: (2756, 3477, 0), cave crawlers, eating food… It will randomly just stop eating at some points, nothing out of the ordinary happens when it decides to stop. It still has plenty of food, so I'm not sure what happens.
  8. As I just stated, it does not give a message. It simply says setting up cannon, and stays clicking on the cannon. Guys, save your money until the developer fixes very MINOR issues like this. It does not prioritize which monsters to attack, nor does it optimize usage of the cannon. It has to bank at the area bank where the task is, which creates a lot of out of the way walking. This is honestly one of the most horrendous scripts I have ever come across of. This should have been a slayer task walker, because once it finally gets to the spot (which do not get me started on), it takes ages to do anything. The developer also seems very stubborn to fix issues, as if somehow he is doing us a service. Last time i checked I am paying you, I am doing you a service. You should be more respectful and courteous when dealing with potential customers.
  9. bug: tries to setup cannon repeatedly in Fremennik slayer dungeon even though the air is too humid to set it up. There are no reported errors for this, it just continuously sits at setting cannon up and never does, obviously. Just let it finish task while it tries to set up cannon the entire time and it doesn't even recognize that the task is over bc its too busy trying to set up a cannon. So now i cant even use a main feature of this script in fear of getting a task that doesn't let you use a cannon.
  10. @Aropupu It is fixed, thank you so much! EDIT: Now it's getting stuck at this [09:28:01] Runite should be respawned in world 321. Hopping there.[09:28:03] Runite should be respawned in world 321. Hopping there. and will stay doing that forever, without hopping. Only when using quickhop method
  11. @Aropupu This is what happens when it runs to the front of the guild after hopping using new world switch. [00:12:19] java.lang.InterruptedException: sleep interrupted[00:12:19] at java.lang.Thread.sleep(Native Method)[00:12:19] at scripts.p.run(loginCheck.java:53)[00:12:19] at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:745)
  12. is there a reason when using the world hop beta mining rune ore every time it logs into a new world it'll run to the start of the heroes guild and then back?
  13. There is a bug where it tries to smith the bars over and over again, even if it's already smithing. Also, it smiths 10 instead of smithing x and typing number
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