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  1. 2 day ban

    I was using the premium Nightmare zone bot (training combat stats) and got a bot busting ban (2 day). I didn't even bot 24/7. I am always botting safe -> botting 1 NMZ game then taking a break of 3 hours. I can see that I was not the only one: https://tribot.org/forums/topic/40076-2day-ban-question/
  2. When will Tribot get updated....
  3. Can't start script

    When I try to start a script I get this in the Client Debug Console: Does this occur because of the new RS update, I am new to Tribot sorry. Edit: it hovers with the mouse on an object, but doesn't click.
  4. Buying credits with Skrill

    Is this possible? If yes, can someone link or help me? Thanks.
  5. Nightmarezone advice

    Where did you find the NMZ bot?
  6. Intro

  7. TRiBot Bot Control Panel - Notifications

    Wow, sounds amazing.
  8. AutoTalker

    Will release it soon.
  9. illneverbot

    Hey anne! U here too?! =D
  10. illneverbot

    Hey I'm from Osbot too. Lol. Bot is offline for 3 days lelelelel.
  11. Hey

    Hey guys, I want to become more active on this forum. Bye