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  1. Could you give us some more information please? I read that you can only cast magic imbue every 12 seconds, howmany casts of both spells would you need for 80k exp (1 hour of casting)? Thanks in advance
  2. Question: does this run 24/7 without babysitting? If yes, then I would like to purchase one.
  3. Put the items you plan on alching closer to the alch spell. (so instead of putting your bows at the top of your inventory, put them in the middle so its closer to the alch spell
  4. Thanks for the script, around 68k+ xp per hour, 1050 alchs per hour Edit: hopped to a less laggy world, getting 1,13k alchs per hour, which is 73,5k exp per hour! Nice! I placed the bows 1 spot next to the alch spell for whoevers interested.
  5. I would definately pay 15$ for this script, not sure if that's good because I've never bought a script before.
  6. Man I can't wait for this script, I'm refreshing this so often with no new info, it drives me crazy, haha.
  7. Is this script locked to only 1 rs account? Or can you use multiple accounts? Thanks.
  8. Classroom: NPC of importance -Mr. Mordaut (6117)
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