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  1. This isnt the first time iv been banned on a number of accounts, so no, this hasnt come as a shock to me.. if you look thro the forums ull see a large number of people are being hit by jagex's current actions. Action like this by Jagex normaly dont last forever.
  2. Putting my Bot on a Questing Spree tonight thanks to this script! I will post Bellow any Bugs i come Across etc.. Cooks Assistant: - Goes to General Store to Buy Bucket etc - But cant run around the castle walls - keeps clicking within wall area which makes it run back and forth. - Collecting Flour - Puts wheat into the hopper but doesnt pull the leaver.. just attempts to run back to lummy as if its got the wheat Prince Ali Rescue: - After getting shearing the sheep and going to make wool the bot misclicks behind the stairs at lummy castle making it run back and forth - same again when going to buy items from the general store - when making yellow dye the bot clicks behind the house making it run back and forth - when speaking "getting the key" and speaking to woman at the jail, the mobs in the area attacked stopping any convo (wouldnt be a problem for higher lvls) The Restless Ghost: - When the bot goes to collect the ammy about the middle of the swamp the bot path gets stuck, it works forward and then clicks behind to make it start the path over again and repeats Vampire Slayer: - After getting the stake and hammer the bot returns to draynor to get the garlic.. between the manor and draynor the bots walking path again makes it walk back and forth ** I'll keep editing this post if i come across more **
  3. Does anyone know how Jagex are doing with Bans at the moment? i took a little break before starting a new account (after losing 7 to perm bans). Was just wondering if Jagex have calmed down now or are they still on a banning Spree?
  4. im surprised your able to bot for even that long lol with jagex being on a rampage at the moment
  5. Something needs changing within the botting world.. either with this script or the client in general as botting world are fucking me over big time ll
  6. This bot works very well (options iv used) iv had no issues with the bot itself, just be a little carefull when botting in general at the moment as Jagex is having a ban spree
  7. Something wrong here lol.. Good Game 4 accounts, perm bans for each was only botting them around 4-5hours a day all on proxies. http://gyazo.com/8e9ae0a0c79f5034aa3e15127ad8d1b2 Edit: 5hrs with alot of breaks - crafting low lvl runes
  8. Been running this bot for a total of about 3-4hours and my accounts are already being transfered to bot worlds :/
  9. Bought this bot around and hour ago - Overall im happy with it - but there is one thing, is there ment to be a GUI or no? seems odd having no GUI and i like seeing the rune/hr etc (let me know if iv done something wrong) Edit: somehow iv managed to get a GUI up but not sure how :/
  10. How Many auth is this bot /month? and does any1 know what the runes/hr is using the abby?
  11. had the same problem as robot, bot got lured to the maze lol unsure how as i wasnt around.. if i see what happens ill let ya know. another thing iv noticed.. when the bot looks for a host and that host is busy, it tried to trade once and then just sits there until i manually do the trade and accept.. not sure if its just me :/ Edit: Had the bot running for 2hours.. first 45mins it went fine.. prayer, banking, finding a host etc etc.. it was coming to the end of the trip and i decided to leave it training away.. i came back 2hours later to find it had used the gmaul to spec with but never changed back to axe.. then when it banked it banked my axe and carried on using gmaul
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