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  1. Thank you.
  2. Hi. I'm back from the real world. It's too hard out there for me. Treat me well.
  3. After testing around the final components of V5.0 have been determined. Features: Locations: Al-Kharid, Falador, Port P Bars, Bronze -> Rune (Yes, gold bars included + ROF support ofc) MISC -> Cannonballs (Yes, no key required) + Gold Item support (Still testing) Performance options: Mouse speed, custom sleep mode (You will be allowed to choose how long you want it to check when it's smelting the bars) door checker (Check for doors), smart Door checker (If you're paranoid about scumbags whom close and open back and forth, this will be your solution) Added methods -> Stops script when out of ores. Antiban finally added. Will release once i have a stable version of 5.0 If you have anything you want featured when 5.0 is released suggest away, also i will not be adding any more locations, these will be the only locations.
  4. The new settings are epic! I've made over 20M in profit within 3 days! Thank you so much Erickho!
  5. It was removed from Repository until V5.0 is released.
  6. Still testing V5.0, Port Ph has been added. There will only be a total of 3 final locations, Falador, Al-Kharid and Port P
  7. This script is sick! I'm loving it Mute! Thanks for this great script.
  8. It is added in the latest v5.0, and thank you. Update on script. Removed from Tribot Repository until 5.0 is Released. 5.0 will include all bars + cballs + gold bars - No key required New Paint Performance Options New GUI
  9. Thank you. If the script stops during a random, it's a client sided problem and Trilez needs accounts inside the random to fix this, so please send him a message after reading the appropriate thread for this.
  10. I'll see what's up with this, for me mith seems to be working fine but i'll double check. I'll check what's up, also V5.0 will be out very soon so that'll probably have a fix to this new update.
  11. I had support for this but had removed it thinking no one would do it, but i'll add something against this in V5.0, the script originally had something to support this but i had removed it thinking it wasn't needed.
  12. Yes. A key required to use start the Cannonball script, without it, the script won't allow it. This was created in order to regulate cball prices, sadly a very big farmer got his hands on it and prices are starting to drop now.
  13. V5.0 Hasn't been released, the current version is working and has stable support for bronze - mithril. Adamant and Runite need more testing.