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  1. usmcurry

    MasterChopper AIO

    Hey guys! i recently purchased the woodchooper premium AIO - 2 weeks for $4.95. It will not work, the bot just stands there. i've read some issues, my client is in fixed mode and not in resizeable, i tried the "custom" tab and pre-set tabs with no luck. it doesnt click, it doesnt move, all it does is stands there. UPDATE: its sorta fixed. my java was out of date. still only works in varrock as of right now. Thanks, Usmcurry
  2. Justt stands there. I checked settings, everything looks fine, tried your guide, reset my client, im on fixed screen. Tried chopping in varrock and draynor with no luck. Please fix issue.
  3. i get an error code that no NPC are detected and the bot wont start up