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  1. Hey guys! i recently purchased the woodchooper premium AIO - 2 weeks for $4.95. It will not work, the bot just stands there. i've read some issues, my client is in fixed mode and not in resizeable, i tried the "custom" tab and pre-set tabs with no luck. it doesnt click, it doesnt move, all it does is stands there. UPDATE: its sorta fixed. my java was out of date. still only works in varrock as of right now. Thanks, Usmcurry
  2. Justt stands there. I checked settings, everything looks fine, tried your guide, reset my client, im on fixed screen. Tried chopping in varrock and draynor with no luck. Please fix issue.
  3. usmcurry


    you know of any quest with fishing spots? and like karamja?
  4. usmcurry


    i use "auto fisher pro" and why be a douche? its a question that i put up for advice. don't post to be a moron.
  5. usmcurry


    okay so i was botting fishing and i got banned. where is a good place with low chance? because apparently, the spots in lumbridge are HIGH risk of getting banned. makes 2 accs banned there for fishing. where can i go? thanks!
  6. usmcurry


    hey guys, im back again, i made a new account, botted for 3 hours and bam got banned today. 3 hours thats it. i think its where my IP is flagged, so where can i get a proxy? i know what they are, i just need to know what ones to use. thanks.
  7. Darpn, i went straight to fishing. but ill do what you said to. Play legit or bot other skills and just level everything up slowly.
  8. I used breaks. Idk what happened. Whats recommended settings for breaks?
  9. I honestly havent played in years man. Like 3-4 years. Sorry. But on serious note, what places arent hotspot?
  10. Hey guys, my account just got banned. i used breaks and i just made the account 2 days ago. I fishef in catherby. Is that a hot spot for bans? If so, wheres the best place to fish lobbies/swordfish/sharks? Im also interested in doing woodcutting. Wheres the safest place to bot with woodcutting?
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