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  1. did that, and got me further, but gets stuck here:
  2. bot debug looks pretty much te same to me still..
  3. @iFluffee so here is the firewall i guess.. removing files did not work out.
  4. aight thanks! gonna try that tonight. reinstall of both didn't do the trick so restart won't either i guess hope what falskills told will do. i'll do that if i didnt get it to work after the other instructions i got, thank!
  5. there is only one JDK to select (which is the x86) the other two are JRE pretty strange occurence, never had problems before
  6. thought so, just wanted to be sure, i'll go with that then, thanks.
  7. This problem occured today on my laptop, didn't really change anything.. happens both with newest JDK 32 and 64 bit. anything I could try to resolve? thanks in advance.
  8. I've done my research really.. you said you're stuck between the Intel Xeon e5 2686 v3 and the i7 5930k, which looks obvious to me which one of those would be the better one for a botting pc, so how reliable would any advice be that is in the same piece of text as that comparisan nevertheless thanks for your input, I think you're right. though the I7 6700 is just a 4 core cpu, i'm asking about higher nubers for a reason. however the better one between an I7 8 core 16 thread at 3.5ghz and a Xeon 12 core 24 threads at 2.2 seem less obvious to me because the diffrence in core is 1/3 and the diffrence in ghz aswell is about 1/3 and I do not know how much of a diffrence the ghz make in performance for java.
  9. no I hoped someone with understanding about these things would reply, and I wait with my decision until i've spoken to peale who can tell me more.
  10. well you might gonna need an automated system there
  11. As i said i do not have any knowledge on these things, but i think its safe to say in this comparisan the E5 is the better one of the two.. 36 threads vs 12
  12. it surely is for me
  13. I think oldschool will last quite some time still, and for the ammount of power i'm looking for i probably pay the same money over two years as a complete system would cost me
  14. but that's not lookingglass right, I thought it's the hooking that's cpu heavy.. still nice though, that 1%