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  1. i see so many people running these bots for 30+ hours i ran at 6 hours a day. im confused how thats too much. could you offer any advice i dont have many bonds left.
  2. got banned after 2 days botted 13 hours total at mlm. i had heavy antiban on any advice for my next acc?
  3. I want to do mlm with this but im only getting 16-18k exp an hour at 60 mining. Can someone who's used this before post the settings they used for me.
  4. thanks i actually figured it all out bots up and running just had to stop being lazy and figure it out
  5. i cant even open up tribot now. its saying i need atleast java 7 or higher and i have the most recent java installed.
  6. I have little expirence in any of this but i bought extended because i thought looking glass sounded amazing. It keeps saying i need to run it with jdk can anyone help with setup or some links that i need to download. (i already have osb). Thanks
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