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  1. idk whats up ill start mining with a rune pick axe (unequipped) because i dont have 40 attack and then ill check later and it will have banked the rune pickaxe, and grab an addy pick and then go back to mining... not sure whats going on?
  2. idk why, but when i was trying to craft law runes with the ballon method it said the logic was broken and to contact you so here i am... im not sure what is wrong at all
  3. im still experiencing problems with banking, and it would be cool if i could set it up to eat without having to set up logic to a bank, because some creatures dont hit high and one invent of lobs will last me overnight? would that be possible?
  4. i just cannot figure out what i am doing wrong, i created my main block and saved it, and i named it, and then hit start, it told me i had no main block... so i thought okay well maybe i just have to load it, go into load it, the save is there and i load it, then i hit start and it still tells i have no main block, i must be really dumb lol, cuz i just cannot figure this script out...
  5. i think i might kill myself i just set up a thinger ma bob hit save and apparently it didnt save... because none of my blocks are there ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  6. assume i just want to thank you for not being an asshole, and responding to our suggestions and questions in a respectful manner, im not all for shit talking, but i looking at mute's slayer script, and people post questions, and post suggestions that would make his script way better, and he just straigght up says no to them and that some stuff isnt even a bug.. when it clearly is so THANK YOU
  7. i don't want to come off as an asshole, because i haven't seen the script or GUI, but if hunting chins would be impossible, that leads me to believe there's a hell of a lot more that will be impossible, so my question is what types of things will be feasible, and what would make me want to this script... sorry if it sounds like i want you to give me a sales pitch...
  8. alright man i still cant get it to deposit all my herbs in the bank after it gets a full invent at edgeville men are you positive i dont have to tell it to deposit my inventory or anything like in the logic, everything else is flawless is kills fine, opens the door, walks to the bank, sleeps, then opens the bank but stares at it for like 3 seconds, then runs back to the men realizes it has full invent and then just runs to the bank and does the same thing?
  9. like about how hard would it be to write a hunting script to hunt chins? and does this support world hopping?
  10. oh and im gonna buy this i just need money but i have a question? is there antiban incorporated or do we have to script that in as we please?
  11. haha im so curious as to what script this guy made where he is making 1m an hour... sadly im about as creative as... if you would of been with me in person you would of seen what i meant by example i sat here for a good 5 minutes thinking of something creative to say.. as you can see i couldnt think of anything...
  12. okay so im trying to kill men in edgeville and i have all the logic right, it kills and opens the door and runs to the bank and clicks bank banker, and then stares at my bank without actually putting whats in my inventory into the bank, where in the logic do i tell it to deposit all??
  13. hey umm could someone please post either a written tutorial or a video tutorial on how to use someone elses preset logic? i would greatly appreciate it im horrible with computers and do not understand how to do it at all
  14. could you possibly explain a possible reason as to why it wouldnt even attack a cow though? thank you for responding so quickly! its appreciated
  15. not sure if im just being a retard but im lost on something... 1) do you have to use logic stuff or is that just for like customization? 2) could someone please post a tutorial on how to use this because im currently trying to kill cows and have it bury bones and bank the hides and it wont attack anything it just stands there..??? help please
  16. like it literally just stands there and doesnt do a single thing...
  17. ok so yeah i just bought the premium script and tried to mine tin and copper in lumby swamp and the bot wont even click on one rock... itd be nice if it would you know... mine rocks...
  18. premium when i bought it which was ummmmm like monday the 21 of this month, im not exactly sure about this everytime i fish for anything other than lobsters again everytime i fish for anything other than lobsters not exactly sure what status of the pain means? umm i have the chat paint on, thats probably not what you mean... sorry dont have the exact text again sorry... but it will just say something like :need a net, rod, harpoon, or lobster pot. again sorry i dont have the exact text description: the bug is that everytime i fish for anything other than lobsters, the bot will either fish whirlpools, and lose the fishing tool, and then not pick it up or go to the bank to get a new one, or somehow it is just losing the fishing tools... each line is a new answer except for the description of the bug
  19. im sorry i see the underlined bug format thing but i cant click it or anything so im not sure how to view it? and not too sound like an ass, and i mean i no nothing about scripting and all so this may be a tad out of line, but why does it matter what format we report a bug in? like if we just post that it wont pick up the harpoon, or it keeps fishing whirlpools, why cant you just fix it? like i said i dont want to come across as an ass im just curious
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