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  1. Script stops once it gets to the bank. [12:19:30] at org.tribot.api2007.Game.getRunEnergy(te:941) [12:19:30] at scripts.aMinerFree.loop(aMinerFree.java:2611) [12:19:30] java.lang.ClassCastException: fm cannot be cast to java.lang.Integer Just a few things that I copied. I'm using aMiner free but I've bought the premium version as-well.
  2. Use the custom ID option. That's what I've been using for yanielle, and it banks + mines flawlessly.
  3. Small bug, but when you first begin the script (for superheating) and it withdraws all the coal in the first inventory, it wont deposit the coal in the second inventory. It works when I withdraw 3 runite ores then all the coal though.
  4. Super heating is broken. It right clicks the coal and ore, but doesn't pick an amount to withdraw. Afterwards it closes and opens the bank interface, and repeats the clicking. I'm super heating runite btw.
  5. I get the same error as chris but when smelting runite bars, high alching works good though.
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