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  1. i would like to buy a proxy please

  2. Cheers guys <3
  3. Alright boys and girls, You have all seen the posts and the hassle thats been going on about those proxy adresses and what not. Some of you may hate me, some of you actually liked the service I provided for what it is. But thats not what this thread is about, this thread is about making the air clean again. For as far as I can. So please don't start this discussion again. Mods have looked over it already. What I request you to do is the following: Send me a private message on tribot with the following information: Your skype name (if you had skype contact with me) The amount of proxies you bought, and on what date you bought them. What you will recieve: Newly created proxy addresses with your own unique password, this can also be set to the password you wish in a later stage. The proxies will last for the remaining days of the service you initially bought from me. This PM is just to verify my sales records, please note that if you don't PM me the request. You won't receive the addresses. I DONT WANT ANY PMS FROM PEOPLE THAT HAVENT BOUGHT FROM ME. Hope this is al clear, you have any questions feel free to post or PM. ~Sanderty
  4. This was a very bad day for me Well the car is getting fixed now, hopefully I won't get cleaned irl. To all my clients, I will continue fixing the authorization issues with my proxies tomorrow. I just wanted to let you know.
  5. I would advice you to play legit and only bot things you don't want to do yourself. For instance, quest everyday and do some skills botted.
  6. This would be a great feature though, but idk if its possible.
  7. Personally, I think this should only be possible to people that also actively contribute to the community. Many people come here just to trade, which isn't what this forum is originally intended for. I think many Tribot users agree with this..
  8. Thanks for your reply, but this does not give any clarity on how the script is running at the moment...
  9. should make it premium though, I think this is way to hard to maintain for a free script. Will defo use
  10. I used to trade accounts a while back, this only happened to me when a previous owner tried to recover it back. But like other people posted, it might be caused by the sudden IP change from VPS to home IP.
  11. Search the forum, it really is all about trial and error. Depends on your accounts, script you run and much more factors. There is no single good answer to your question. I giggled a little
  12. 20 without losing FPS with all bots using seperate clients. Im running it right now.