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  1. I lost it at the "nazi" tag along with the rs ones
  2. If anyone is dumb enough to log into this they deserved to be hacked, gg
  3. Last 2 gone, they were 30M+ thieve D:
  4. If you're going to go through all this trouble for 3 bots you may as well play legit..
  5. KFC

  6. 12 accounts, the last time I tried going above 30 on a single IP all my accounts got banned at once. Lols
  7. Yeah heads up, the client is unable to solve the mysterious old man random now.
  8. If you're in the US have fun with the IRS lolz
  9. Cool stuff, everybody has the right to spend their money on what they want
  10. I actually had over 10 interviews when I put down Virtual Goldfarming. They all wanted to know what it was.. although it was for a developer internship so it's kinda relevant. lol
  11. Banking.withdraw() still broken after 7.44_1.
  12. Banking.depositAll() is broken, it uses the equipment deposit all instead of inventory. And withdraw doesn't work either?
  13. Took a little flak yesterday, but if you're a large goldfarmer it doesn't even matter because you've probably had 50+ banned from the beginning of tribot. It's like routine haha.
  14. Ignore the people crying about nature rune prices, you have every right to release this script the way you want to. Great job on this.
  15. 14 bans while thieving, didn't bother me that much cause they had 1-2 days of members left and I knew they would sweep the highscores soon lol.