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  1. i dont bot for over a year and a half since the last time i got banned how is this script in terms of banwaves? also would i need a proxy to start botting on a new account?
  2. lmfao what a rip off, so i bought vip-e to get the human mouse and now i wont get it?
  3. So i want to get my mage up using fire strikes afk i wonder if i use an auto clicker in the interface so i dont log out every 5 mins will get me perm bann?
  4. but damn, i dont play runescape for months and when i started to play again (yesterday) i botted like 5 hours at nmz and more 3 early today and chazam already banned lol.
  5. kuduru

    2Day ban question

    i botted nmz yesterday and early this morning and got 2 day ban.
  6. So i've been botting nmz DH+absorb for about 5+ hours since yesterday and today i wake up to set the bot on again and after few hours runescape had an update, yea cool i waited a few hours b4 i could start botting again and when i did log in to start the bot i got this massive lag, i manually logged out and when i changed world it said i was banned. The question is, client got me banned when i logged in? did the update got me banned? was this a delay ban after the update? cause i logged in and botted like 3 hours this morning.
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