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  1. Is it possible we could get a script extension on this? Lost a lot of days just due to recent updates. Thanks in advance. ?
  2. I still haven’t received an extension?
  3. I'm an idiot, somehow skipped over that in your post.
  4. Link to screenshot proving you are using 10.15_3: https://imgur.com/a/jzvIWXT Java Version: 1.8.0_201 Error message in bot debug: No RuneScape client was found Have you ever gotten LG to work?: Yes, before the update that broke it. Are you using a proxy/vpn?: No. How long have you had the official client installed?: Just installed. Think it might be worth noting that it's on MacOS. Deleted the specified files but still not hooking.
  5. Yeah no problem, lemme upload what ive achieved recently while botting thanks for the thread jagex
  6. @Aropupu hey i bought this script when it had a one time purchase option and its gone from my repository, what happened?
  7. I've bought premium scripts, too. And it's profit missing. I'm not angry, or blaming devs, or telling them to hurry up, but you all acting like this isn't profit lost, or that LG isn't an essential feature, are fucking annoying. You don't get bonus GP for sucking up.
  8. Yeah, that explains why my banrates are still very high without LG for the same scripts, while I still haven't gotten a ban with LG.
  9. Yeah, but botting without LG is basically suicide. Banrates without LG are insane, I would never even bother botting if Tribot didn't have LG.
  10. I love the staff on here, but you just got dunked on here for arselicking
  11. Yeah, I just fixed it. No problem.
  12. Yeah my bad, I meant stripe, not skrill. There isn't a VIP history as far as I can tell, which makes it hard to remember when I bought VIPE, as there is no receipt for stripe and I usually just keep a stock of credits on my account
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