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  1. He didn't say he did, retard. He just said you don't have proof behind that statement, which is true. Besides that, IP flagging is a reasonable assumption to make since other games/websites have the practice of IP flagging accounts that break rules. Doesn't mean an instaban occurs, just means they're monitored.
  2. 30ish, depending on how long a player takes to fight Zulrah. Having a recoil ring equipped and one in the invent should literally be enough for every single player
  3. We already know they do that. They slipped up on the OSRS reddit by saying client IDs trigger their bot detection. That's why you should use LG always.
  4. Nope. It's a good script, just bot smart.
  5. Was this your only script?
  6. Script doesn't attack mage phase now for some reason
  7. Can't get it to work. When selecting equipment it just gives weird snaps of the inventory, and when I start it, it sits on either "going to sacrifice boat" or "waiting for GUI settings". Set up screen does this stuff.
  8. It does this to simulate clicking back into the window lol, pretty sure lots of people do this to select the osrs client/osbuddy after using their browser or other window
  9. Tried fly fishing at barb vill and seers. Bot fishes initially but after one load and dropping it doesn't keep fishing, it just sits there saying "legit AFK fishing". Dunno if it's a set up problem or code. Edit: Just finished finals for premed as well, so I feel your pain there.
  10. LG sucks, my ass LG is all that's stopping my suicide ass from being banned
  11. No longer drops?