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  1. I found a fix apparently my file associations were broken and its hard to fix. Microsoft gave me an .exe to fix it.
  2. I am trying to download Tribot but everytime I do it, it downloads as and Internet Explorer file and will not execute.
  3. Could someone help ran into another problem. Stuck at checking charge count. I can elaborate if need be.
  4. Ok Ill delete the hook, but is there a safe way to run it not on LG?
  5. I did use the how to start correctly been trying to fix it for a few hours now. I didn't try deleting hooks because I dont believe its the actual script or client, rather than giving to many tasks for the script to do and It not prioritizing prayer switches over gear. Like I said I took some items and made it to were it switched less and it seems to be working.
  6. I see what you're saying now with the amount of switches might be it. Im switching form ahrim's to karil's and visa versa so that might cause a delay for pray switching leading to the bot getting the switches wrong. Ill try to eliminate some gear changes.
  7. I am using LG and what do you mean how many switches. Im talking about the phase where you have to prayer switch to range and mage the bot messes up and i get hit for alot until i die.
  8. Does anyone else have trouble with the prayer switching phase? Iv died so many times from it.
  9. Im using a fre proxy from proxy fish and I dont think it has a username or password and it wont let me loggon using it can someone help me
  10. Wow I feel like a noob thanks bud worked
  11. I purchases Tri Combat and Magic AIO and it won't download correctly when I try to start script can anyone help me out
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