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  1. Thank you
  2. at 24 minutes 10 seconds They talk about the engine developer working on new anti-macro detection. Is this something to be of concern?
  3. LEL jagex cant afford to employ some over the weekends.. lets be real here.
  4. @Mork is gold farming king
  5. @FALSkills, beast script dude keep it updated pls
  6. Still no luck =\
  7. Ill give that a try
  8. Hey all For some reason all my scripts are missing ? Any idea whats going on
  9. He's working for fagex ^ Inb4 MOD!
  10. Okay thank mate
  11. One question Should I get full void + ahrims robes?
  12. @Mute
  13. I agree, I have been botting 24/7 for 2 months with a private script.