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  1. Do you think it would be possible to add a function that selects a single, random line in a certain block and then executes that line? Say in my main block I have Start Bank Fletch Random (Where I have a block with tons of lines of Anti-Ban; Random mouse movements, check xp, move mouse off screen, etc) Bank Goto Start It would be AMAZING for anti-ban and for things like buying/selling or using an item on another instead of clicking a certain coord, it performs a random line in the block Coords (Which has 30 lines of coords to click, but all for the same invent spot or same area) to match what really happens when someone is doing something repetitive. I don't play or bot anymore, but I think this would be an easy way to add randomization and to make the tiny chance of detection even smaller while providing more functionality.
  2. The negs are from randoms that don't have any warrant. I'm testing an idea and I need someone to PM me something. Could be anything, random letters. I'm not going to even reply. Edit: Got what I needed! Thanks!
  3. Testing something and I need someone to send me a PM. Nothing special.
  4. The first line might be your problem. Start without the items with the ID's 7936 AND 2552. If that doesn't work, put the ring in your first inventory space and then find the parent and child ID of the inventory interface and use that to rub it. If you need more help PM me with your Skype.
  5. Wouldn't it be easier to automatically delete posts with links in them by any banned account? I had the same thought that Dreaming had after I read Hanks appeal/harassment against Assume. I would hate for that to not be able to be read by us. That is hilarious.
  6. Well add a line that will tell it to do something if it is in a certain spot or something similar depending on what you're doing. You'll need failsafes so that it doesn't stop randomly. If you need any help, PM me.
  7. Beside the fact that you're new and will deal with some skepticism, this actually looks pretty good! Seems like you have some surprisingly competitive pricing for the amount of features you offer as well as DDoS protection. I'll definitely keep you guys in mind if I need something!
  8. He's being sarcastic. To make fun of OP for posting this stupid thread.
  9. Of course. All you would need to do is add a block called Anti-Ban or similar and have it do something like check xp, move mouse to an extreme coord so it looks like your mouse went to something else, misclicks, world hopping, random wait timers, or anything else really. PM me if you need help.
  10. The child interface is another interface inside a parent interface. And yes they work. The way you enter them would be like Parent:10 for the chatbox and Child:4 for the option you want to choose. If you need any more help PM me your Skype.
  11. It's incredibly easy to use and understand. If you need help PM me your Skype.
  12. Not really. I did pretty much the same thing when I made a fire runecrafter. In order to get a new duelling ring, I made my blocks, then made a block named "Craft" and used it as kind of a main block and put all of my other blocks in it. Then in my real main block I added "Craft" 4 times, so it would use the last duelling ring charge to get to the bank and it would know it's time for a new one. With this script, Logic Pro, you can make any script you want without any scripting knowledge. I have no idea what that combat script is, and I'm sure it's nothing compared to this.
  13. Don't have the wait times for the same amount every time. Change all your wait times to random ones like .4938 .5829 .6839 1.3824. Just random stuff so it isn't waiting for the exact same amount of time.
  14. Just make it so that when it smelts 140 iron ore, it just gets a new one. Just every 5-6 trips, add a block called New Ring and have it withdraw a new ring and continue.
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