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  1. Manually started it and it seemed to make it work. THanks
  2. PM me your digit code for transferring and I will give you the 5 credits
  3. Got it working, Thanks man, will donate 5 to you!
  4. Thats all been done, not sure what to open it with.
  5. Just got a PC after botting on a Mac for years. If someone could walk me through downloading and opening/getting bot to run on my new comp I'll transfer 5.00 credits. Thanks.
  6. xnightmarezone has gotten me 3 99s so far about to finish out with attack and defence here soon
  7. @TRiLeZ I'm having the same problem with supposedly being fraudulent yet I have a verified paypal and have purchased credits multiple times. Looking to fix this without starting a new thread, any help is appreciated!
  8. I have this same problem yet my pp is verified and I've purchased tribot credits plenty of times? hoping for a quick fix as I have been a very loyal customer
  9. Well I came back after an hour or so of running the script today to see it switching an adamant dart and trident in front of the boat with a chat log that was talking about my account having a broken bot. RIP
  10. Having a weird couple of runs lately, keeps teleporting and getting and sits there at zulrah and sometimes it has me dying loads of times. Really great script just seems like something odd is going on lately
  11. tri auto melee range magic at chickens till 20 all combat then al kharid warriors till 50 easy takes a night of botting
  12. Good luck bro what you getting your masters in?
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