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  1. Welcome our new developer, Todd

    Grats to Todd!
  2. hi i need some tribot credit i can pay with osrs gold or paypal

  3. How to make atleast 100$ a DAY

    Ohh that was a sad quote, Rip ^
  4. how to get refund

    Do you want a refund for a script?
  5. added u on skype. Its the one with only bubble and your picture? and not the one named Bubble.bot1 bubble?

  6. Gp filled to the brim

    I think that the 2 recent dupes were the issue
  7. Anyone noticed the Hunter bot nuke?

    Yup, I see that my hunter rank has become higher on my main
  8. He's Back Ladies

    What were you botting?
  9. Botting On Stream

    Aww, sad that they got banned, but it was pretty fun to watch
  10. Botting On Stream

  11. 0-100%, It depends on so much. It will be hard to achieve 91 with botting only, but I've seen people who has managed to do it
  12. Help me!

    If you want a good script, I would say that you should go and buy a premium one.