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  1. hi i need some tribot credit i can pay with osrs gold or paypal

  2. added u on skype. Its the one with only bubble and your picture? and not the one named Bubble.bot1 bubble?

  3. Bubble

    Maximum amount of instances has been surpassed?

    You can always buy more auths if you want to run more accounts =)
  4. I would recommend you to check the Premium fisher and buy one of them. They get all updated asap and are more safe
  5. Bubble

    Bought vip, can't use premium scripts

    Yea, you should've checked for VIP scripts before you bought it, anyways, it's quite handy to have VIP =)
  6. Any scripts on the Repository is safe I believe. If I am right, they are getting checked before they can get on there - Correct me if I am wrong. But yea, it's really sad and I hope that you will get it back!
  7. Bubble

    RS3 Api?

    RS3 is pretty much dead here, so yea, stick to Oldschool =)
  8. Bubble

    Bought a new pc, cant download Tri-bot

    As Flax said, you need Java and remember to download the latest version
  9. Bubble

    Hacked TriBot Account

    PM a mod or something
  10. Bubble

    What type scripts have the highest ban rate ?

    Free scripts - Stick to premium I would say
  11. Agility Alcher would be quite nice