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  1. added u on skype. Its the one with only bubble and your picture? and not the one named Bubble.bot1 bubble?

  2. I think that the 2 recent dupes were the issue
  3. Yup, I see that my hunter rank has become higher on my main
  4. What were you botting?
  5. Aww, sad that they got banned, but it was pretty fun to watch
  7. 0-100%, It depends on so much. It will be hard to achieve 91 with botting only, but I've seen people who has managed to do it
  8. If you want a good script, I would say that you should go and buy a premium one.
  9. Interesting! I'll follow this Good luck!
  10. You can always buy more auths if you want to run more accounts =)
  11. Sadly not They removed that option in Oldschool
  12. It's not something that I would be extremely in need of, but I guess that some people will find it helpful
  13. I would recommend you to check the Premium fisher and buy one of them. They get all updated asap and are more safe