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  1. Thread Under Construction. Will be posting my daily workouts and the next day workout. Follow the workouts. (Note: I am currently pushing to have a BodyBuilder body. So these workouts will be pushing small reps but huge weight) Want a Personalized Workout? Hit me up
  2. Stack #1 (This is my first stack I started) - ClenButerol and Trenbolone - Jeez, That stack was a good one, Lots of gains. Probably gained 30 lbs in a 60 day cycle. (30 on, 10 off, 30 on) Stack #2 - Clen, Tren, Winstrol, and Deca This was my ultimate ripper. Not much weight gains but tons of definition into muscles. - Side Effects - Started feeling dizzy on the days I upped my doses. Sweating tons. Farting (Very bad lolol) . Appetite was out of control. Bad anger sometimes.
  3. Try to downgrade your JDK to 6.x
  4. Yes but I was wondering if there would be a way where I can add my OWN username and password. I don't want to use the account manager.
  5. So could I edit to to be like Login.login(username, password, false); Since public static boolean login(java.lang.String username,java.lang.String password,boolean only_lobby)Performs a login with the specified account credentials. Parameters: username - The username of the account. password - The password of the account. only_lobby - True to only login to the lobby; false otherwise. Returns: True if the login was successful; false otherwise.
  6. Was wondering if the TriBot API has a login and if so, How do I code it? Want to just have it setup where when the script runs, It will log me in
  7. Hey I'm looking for someone with a verified paypal account.. if youre interested please msg me via SKYPE username: Fallbaaack again, I can pay you in rsgp
  8. I suggest you change your title. Title says "PP" which you don't have listed as payment methods
  9. Ban rate is probably high due to the banking errors. Who opens their bank and closes it over and over... Lawl
  10. Gold Sold to PokemonNerdBoy which has scammed me.
  11. Looking for some lessons in scripting. I know the basics of scripting but I want to have lessons in building my own script and doing banking etc. Please notify me via Skype: Jake.ierome
  12. I've decided to try my hand at creating a merchanting clan. Most of my wealth that I've acquired in 07 scape has been from merching items. Doing this by myself is a very tedious task, and I've come to the conclusion that if i had a group of people that I could trust to merch items I could exponentially make more profit than I would by myself and I'd do it at a faster rate! The main goal I want to have for this clan is to make more money. Although some of the things I do may seem advance they're really not. I just like to go in depth on things. I encourage all the members I hope to gain to contribute to the clan. Such as giving us ideas to merch and tips on doing so. Right now I'm paying someone to create a website for the clan... Yes I'm that serious about this. I like things to look official and that's what I want this clan to be official. I'm sorry, but this isn't a clan for just everyone we want experienced people that know what your doing so we ask that each individual has at least a net worth of 20m. This lets us have flexibility with the items that we will be merching. Example: The clan is buying furys we want every member to buy at least 7 of them, so that we can raise the price at a good rate, but if some members only have 15m to spend then we cant raise at the pace we would like to. A lot of what we plan to do is going to be through zybez since they have graphs that tell us the products history. We don't require every member to know how to read a graph, but it does help us figure out what items to start buying and what items not too. If you have any interest for joining the clan please add me on skype: Jake.ierome so we can discuss signing you up