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  1. Same issue here. Been trying te resolve it but no success so far.
  2. Not to sales trash, but they've been very mild on unbanning. I got 12 accounts unbanned that were all banned for Botting permanently in the past.
  3. Hunter most likely. Been doing Falcons from 58-60 with the Premium script on here, logged out and logged back in later today to see the Disabled message
  4. Are you talking about clicking or typing anything in Runelite? Because when I do so in RuneLite when Tribot is on, the Runelite client just closes and I gotta set up everything again lol
  5. Using the Demon Butler. Also, when creating Oak Dungeon Doors, the Butler gets stuck behind the door and the script tries to talk to him
  6. How is Seers right now? Still a super high ban-rate? what settings should I use?
  7. I got banned last night while using this script in East Ardy. Didn't bot long tho. Just a heads up
  8. Are these plugins bannable?
  9. Can confirm this. Tried OSBuddy multiple times. Not working. Runelite is working perfect! Thanks bro.
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