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  1. [ABCL 10] [ABC2] aPlunderer [Pyramid Plunder]

    Tribot's ABC2 decides when the script eats. Not sure what you mean by that first thing.
  2. [ABCL 10] [ABC2] aAgility v2 [ALL ROOFTOPS]

    Announcement: aAgility v3 test version is now available. It's a rewrite for this script that lets you record yourself doing agility and you can use that data in the script. Only the following courses are available right now: Gnome, Draynor, Al Kharid, Varrock, Canifis, Falador, Seers. Most features from v2 are also missing. I'm currently concentrating on testing the recorder and the course doing part and in the process I'm working on an account to get all the courses added. Please keep in mind that this is a test version and it will contain bugs and is unfinished. Do not purchase aAgility v2 just to get access to this. If you have questions, bug reports or any other communication directly to me about v3, please send me a PM via the private messaging system in the forums. If you are unable to send a message due to forum restrictions or whatever reasons, just reply to the thread and I can send you one. How do I get access? Everyone has access to the recorder part of the test version. The course doing part is only available for people who send me data and have active subscriptions of the script. I don't plan to check the subscription status that often after you have access, but will do that at some points in time. If you have had a lifetime version of aAgility at some point, you will also receive access to the test version regardless of if it has run out on Tribot's side or not which of course shouldn't be the case yet for anyone with a lifetime subscription. However, users with lifetime will lose access if their subscription has run out before final version of v3 is released. To get access to the course doing part, you will have to send me a recording of yourself doing agility for each course you want access to. You need to record at least 20 laps worth of data and send it to me. Only exception to this rule is the gnome course in which you can record from level 1-10 which should be 14 laps. The collected data is in aAgility3_data.ini file, which is located in your .tribot folder after recording data. This is the file you should copy and send to me. It contains the data for all of the courses you have recorded. This guide tells you how to access .tribot folder if you don't know already: https://help.tribot.org/support/solutions/articles/36000017490-how-to-fix-common-errors-by-deleting-the-tribot-folder If I don't get enough data I will not be able to release the final version of this rewrite so I have to give some incentive for sending me recordings. The plan is to have prerecorded profiles for those users that don't want to spend the time recording. If you don't want to record yourself doing agility then you should keep using v2 instead until v3 is released. Things to know about the test version: When you record data and stop recording it, you can continue recording at a later time. However, if you want the script to "AFK" sometimes, instead of stopping the script, you should just act like you are AFKing and leave your character standing wherever it is. It should record all minimap clicks, screen tile clicks, camera changes, hovers, right-click hovering, afking, moving mouse off screen, spamclicking etc. The more you fail obstacles while recording, the better. When you fail obstacles, the recorder will record custom paths for those situations too. You should pick up all your marks of grace while recording and not save them for later. The recorder also records some information about those and the more often you pick them up the better. Before you use the course doing part of the script, you should record as much data as you possibly can. The more variation there is, the more accurate the generated delays will be and all the actions that the script does will have more variation too. If you encounter a bug: Explain the issue as much as possible. Take a video or a screenshot (usually it helps a lot) Check client debug and bot debug (you should copypaste them both to me even if you don't think there's anything of importance) Tell me if you changed any settings Provide your recorded data if you have recorded more than what you sent me You can find the test version here: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/2730-aagility-v3-beta/
  3. Please do share more information about your settings.
  4. Silver smelting seems to be working just fine on my end. Please do share more info about your settings and full client debug information.
  5. [ABCL 10] [ABC2] aAgility v2 [ALL ROOFTOPS]

    Should be fixed in the latest version. Restart script without using the rerun button to update.
  6. The error happens within Tribot's banking method. It's a TRibot issue. I assume it's caused by the latest update to Tribot's banking methods. You should try the latest development release since it had some more banking fixes.
  7. [ABCL 10] [ABC2] aAgility v2 [ALL ROOFTOPS]

    Seers teleport seems to be working just fine. Your issue could be caused by something on your end or by a temporary Tribot issue on your end. Could also be some weird LG issue. Please check the "Are you having problems with the script?" part of the first post for the most common fixes to Tribot issues. If those steps don't solve the issue, I will send you this same post as a PM so please respond to my PM if you are unable to get it working and I'll ask more information from you.
  8. According to the announcement post by Trilez, banking should be fixed in the latest version of Tribot 9.308_4. I believe only some parts of banking were broken in the first place (like withdrawing) so some of you might have been able to use the script before Tribot was updated. Simply restarting your Tribot client updates it. Close all windows of Tribot before you restart it.
  9. I unfortunately don't make private scripts at this time. EDITING THIS HERE IN CASE IT PREVENTS SOMEONE FROM POSTING ABOUT THE BANKING ISSUE:
  10. Tribot's banking methods broke after the latest Runescape update. Usually Tribot auto updates everything and everything works immediately after the update, as long as user knows to restart Tribot multiple times but today this was not the case. Wait for admins to update the bot.
  11. Usually this kind of issue is caused by you being in resizable mode, which Tribot doesn't support. If this is the case, please do change to fixed mode in Runescape settings: https://help.tribot.org/support/solutions/articles/36000017485-how-to-fix-client-misclicks-or-resizable-mode-error-in-debug The other reason could be that your Tribot client just isn't working correctly. Please do check the "Are you having problems with the script?" part of the first post for the most common fixes to Tribot issues.
  12. [ABCL 10] [ABC2] aAgility v2 [ALL ROOFTOPS]

    1. Can add that. 2. Gonna need more information about that. Will send you a PM. 3. There's no way to know why you are getting the xp/h you are getting (whatever it is) without any information. XP/hr can be affected by how much weight your character has, how much you fail the obstacles (luck) and your script settings or even tribot bugs. Performance of your Tribot client can also be factor.
  13. Hard to say without you telling me about your settings. Please do check your ABC2 settings. ABC2 delays are fully enabled by default and they don't really work well with powermining. You can disable those in the script's antiban settings (Antiban --> ABC2 settings). You can also adjust them so they happen more rarely if you don't want to completely disable them (ABC2 modifier, -5 = least delays). Even if you disable ABC2 delays, the script will still use ABC1 delays. It can also be a Tribot issue, if you have already disabled ABC2 delays. Please do the steps in "Are you having problems with the script?" part of the first post.
  14. The f2p pvp world should now be excluded when only hopping to free worlds. Thank you for letting me now. Restart script without using the rerun button to update it.
  15. Script is working without any issues in the motherlode mine. Please do check the "Are you having problems with the script?" part of the first post for the most common fixes to Tribot issues.