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  1. This is not a proper bug report. Please check the " Are you having problems with the script? " part of the main post for the most common fixes to Tribot issues. If those don't solve the issue, please tell me what settings you are using, what agility course, etc.
  2. Custom path won't work. There's a chance I will add it in the future but currently busy with other things. Pkers are what makes it so annoying to mine there.
  3. Unfortunately it's not as easy as to just add it to the script. It would take a lot of time and bug testing to make it work perfectly mainly because the script isn't really optimized for it. I'm unfortunately not going to add it just because a few people want it for this reason. Probably will add it in the future when I decide to rewrite this script.
  4. Progressive mode is made for that purpose. I cannot know what went wrong without very specific information about your settings and circumstances. Same applies to pickaxe changing. I will send you a PM with further questions.
  5. Should be fixed in the latest version. Restart the script without using the rerun button to update it. If it's not fixed for some reason, I'm gonna need the information I asked for in my previous post.
  6. Free world mode is working without any issues. Doesn't hop to member worlds at all. Something is wrong on your end or your settings. Gonna need more information from you. Take a screenshot of your worldhopping settings and tell me what worlds it hops in exactly. Without any information I cannot even begin to know what is causing your issue.
  7. Tribot's ABC2 antiban decides when the player hovers. This option only gives you the option to decide if you want it to use right-click more often or always, because ABC2 uses it quite rarely in most cases. ABC2 is completely controlled by Tribot and works differently for each account.
  8. Your AFK settings are bad. Will send you a PM, because I can't help you without any information.
  9. If it doesn't pop up when you start the script then something is wrong on your end. Impossible to know what without any information. debug info etc. If a window pops up, you can find the settings by going to "options" or "Method" tabs.
  10. Make sure you tick the box next to "Enable deposit limit":
  11. 1. I won't add it unless many people want it. 2. Sceptre support is working without any issues. Your description of the issue points to Tribot's hooks being broken on your end. Your Tribot client doesn't detect that the equipment tab is open or something like that.
  12. The script already turns the camera sometimes to see the vein it's mining based on certain factors and a profile. I can add the option to do this always, but I wouldn't recommend using it. I disagree with turning the camera to see the vein it's going to click on. Real players know exactly where the veins are and they are easy to see without turning the camera.
  13. I have also been working on something like this for a while now. You are going to need a lot of patience to complete it and you shouldn't set your goals too high at first. Good luck with your project.
  14. Thank you for the feedback! I hope you have success with the script!
  15. You always take a risk when you bot. Many people have used this script without any issues. The script is built in such a way that you can affect how it works a lot, which can possibly affect ban rate but there's no way to know what settings do and what don't if at all. There are too many factors that can cause bans that it's impossible to have 100% accurate information about what causes them so ban reports are usually quite useless. You can report your ban properly here: