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  1. As I told you in the previous post, give me the information I asked for and I will look into it. Without that information there's nothing I can do. The script worldhops without any issues when players are near AND you have enabled the correct settings. Either there's something wrong on your end or there's a bug with the certain settings/location you are using. Again, I cannot know without any information from you. Please make sure you have ticked the box next to "Worldhop when x players in range y". Make sure "Only when a player talks" is not ticked. You should also tick the box for "Detect while mining" if you want it to always detect players.
  2. Probably won't be adding mousekey dropping. The issue with fallen traps should be fixed in the latest version.
  3. If you have problems with the script or any other script after the Runescape update, you should restart Tribot at least 2 times. It usually fixes broken hooks after Runescape updates. If this doesn't fix the issue, please check the "Are you having problems with the script?" part of the main post for the most common fixes to Tribot issues.
  4. It says you are out of memory. Increase your heap size before you start Tribot.
  5. People don't usually include their settings when they report their success with the script. Ban reports are also not reliable because there are so many factors and no one knows what affects them. Not to mention, while one gets banned with certain settings, others use those exact same settings and never get banned. Others bot 24/7 and never get banned. If I comment on things like this, people usually misunderstand and think they are completely safe or completely unsafe from bans, which is never true. EDIT: The only reason why the fast option is not the default one is because ABC2 takes control over hovering and interaction times which are a vital part of the fast M1D1 method. ABC2 is a requirement for all premium scripts. You might disagree with how ABC2 should work, but unfortunately it is what it is right now. It makes things slower.
  6. I cannot comment on what is risky and what isn't. No one knows the answer to that. Only Jagex would. You need to select custom rocks if you want it to mine certain rocks and not others.
  7. Not currently. Worldhopping works without any issues. Most likely your Tribot client isn't working correctly or your settings are wrong. Either way, I need more information from you to know what's wrong. Where and what are you mining? Are you using looking glass? What are you worldhopping settings? What are your antiban worldhopping settings? Is there anything in the client debug? Also, please check the "Are you having problems with the script?" part of the main post of aMiner to fix most common Tribot issues which could cause this. If your Tribot client's hooks are broken, those steps will fix it.
  8. This is not a proper bug report. Where are you hunting? What trees are you using? How does it struggle exactly? What are your settings?
  9. ABC2 handles hovering over next rock. ABC2 creates a profile for each user, some hover more, some less. Only thing you can do is disable ABC2 delays and the script will use ABC1 delays. M1D1 also has a faster mode if you are powermining. You can enable that in the ABC2 settings. Probably not going to add it.
  10. Please check the Are you having problems with the script? part of the main post. It contains most common fixes to all kinds of Tribot issues. If those don't solve the issue, please send me a pm with information about what the script exactly does when it's supposed to be teleporting. Probably not.
  11. 1. Just have it equipped. 2. Magic imbue probably won't be added. 3. Without more information, there's nothing I can do about it. Check you Client debug and bot debug. If the script doesn't do anything when you start it, it's usually a Tribot hook issue. Sometimes initialization of ABC2 can cause delays on startup too. 4. Most players alch after every obstacle. If I were to alch while doing agility I sure as hell wouldn't care about losing xp/hr, but I can understand if there are some people who want to min/max things. You are the first one who thinks this so I will not be changing it. 5. You can disable ABC2 delays if you don't like them. Or if you mean how ABC2 moves mouse off screen, you can disable that too.
  12. Yeah, that's usually a Tribot issue. Falador's first obstacle has to use RSObjectDefinitions and if those hooks are broken on your client, Tribot will be unable to detect the object which is why it's not clicking on it. The main post contains the steps to fix this issue though.
  13. Sounds like your Tribot client is not working correctly. Please check the Are you having problems with the script? part of the main post for most common fixes to Tribot issues. Without more information I cannot help you further. What happens when it is at the first obstacle of the course? Does it try to click on it? Where does it try to click on it when it fails? How does it "fail" exactly? EDIT: Please also make sure that you have roofs disabled in Runescape settings.
  14. Faster = script uses ABC2 delays less often (-5 is least amount of delays) Slower = more often When script doesn't use ABC2 delays it still uses ABC1 delays.
  15. This is not a script issue. Your Tribot client is not working correctly. If you are using LG try a different client, a normal browser should work. You should also check the "Are you having problems with the script" part of the main post for most common fixes to most tribot issues. All mouse movement is done by Tribot. You always take a risk when you bot. Many people have used this script without any issues. The script is built in such a way that you can affect how it works a lot, which can possibly affect ban rate but there's no way to know what settings do and what don't if at all. There are too many factors that can cause bans that it's impossible to have 100% accurate information about what causes them so ban reports are usually quite useless.