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  1. really hope this still works!!
  2. trying to do bagged plants but can't get them to be recognised in preset manager?
  3. jimy


    how is this?
  4. Out of curiosity, what is the ban likelihood of botting NMZ? so far to me it seems low on my accounts...
  5. RIP zulrah for a bit, new death mechanics
  6. any idea how to prevent this: [14:20:00] Not attacking zulrah since long range required on def pure
  7. Have done so, hence why I know it is latest version.
  8. I think the bot is a little bit broken from latest Tribot update. it's very slow to react to all phases, missing melee phase and jad phase.
  9. is ther any way to set a certain zoom %?
  10. jimy


    wow super useful to know. I haven't yet got that on my accounts!! will let you know how i get on.
  11. jimy


    Just out of interest, how many times can you do this? So far I've gotten about 4 accounts unbanned. One two of them, I botted again and got banned again. Today I did the same again and they got unbanned, but had me wondering how many times I can do this.
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