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  1. I got from 25 agility to 65 before temp ban, wasn't botting hard either. I guess this doesn't matter but definitely seemed like one of the more advanced scripts i've used. It seems pretty human-like
  2. hmm, this tries to load prices and then stops for me EDIT: if I restart client then it works, however when I died, it just pisses about in lummy. Not sure this is at a premium script standard, just the concept.
  3. It seems to be minimised, but I can't seem to maximise it again.
  4. sweet, thanks for this. General comment with typing, not sure how much it matters. it types the item name fully and exactly i.e. Shark. A human wouldn't use upper case nor type the item in full for every item.
  5. I am current lying trialing this with the intention to buy! Is there a way to slow down typing speed? i.e. it inputs exact prices so quickly
  6. have to say, very impressed with this script. Haven't been botting in a while but not for a long time have I seen a script so well designed with a lot of moving parts. Hope I can use some of your others in the future
  7. Witch's house too Doesn't seem to work with the mouse or witch. It also doesn't recognise black knights fortress? Any chance this can be refunded? literally bought this hours ago
  8. Was hoping this wouldbe flawless have had problems with pirates treausre and romeo and juliet, dissappointing stuck when speaking to Juliet at any point in the quest, and when the map was open, the bot got stuck
  9. Just bought this Looks good however it doesn't like ranging pots? [14:23:19] [NCrab Killer] Ending script: A potion selected does not correspond to any value in the chosen inventory setup apologies if this is me? Will let you know how this goes!
  10. not sure how this script is premium, very buggy 3 spot on waterbirth doesn't work few of the two spots do scripter doesn't care rly
  11. script is still buggy, especially recently as entire script lags out tribot client My script ran out, wont buy again i dont think
  12. [11:28:03] TRiBot Release 9.305_5 loaded. (1.8.0_25:C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_25\jre) [11:28:03] Loading human mouse movement data. [11:28:04] Could not load human mouse data. Reason: Human mouse data encryption key not found. deleted whole tribot folder, didnt seem to work these are my debug stuff
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