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  1. nice bot only problem is its a lil miffy on banking .
  2. |w| Constructor [REWRITTEN 2.0] [ABC2 L10]

    figured it out may buy if the trial works well
  3. tested the trial, i wont be buying, fails a alot. i have very fast internet mind you this needs some major tweaks its not really buggy it just fails alot. should be noted fails mostly when walking for me.
  4. |w| Quests [ABCL 10] [5$/m/2acc OR 15$/lifetime/unlimited]

    sorry i dont know much about quests , what stat requirements if any should i have to do the quests or keep me from dying over and over?
  5. will this work on an an iron man account. does it need the grand exchange in order to work ?

    having 3 paypals colors me a little skeptical -.-
  7. bought a second auth of the life time version and it is having trouble starting it looks like this https://gyazo.com/57d798e2672140d27ccf92fe57b64cfd buying a second lifetime auth seems to have broken it for me please help https://gyazo.com/31a160e59fe5ed7267723eda1825103e https://gyazo.com/5426b1ba9cfa9f9f0798ff4a9b7eb36e
  8. |w| Zulrah Slayer [1-3m+/hr] [ABC2][ABCL10][LG][V2]

    i have a question, when taking breaks will it make sure it is not in combat with zulrah before doing so?
  9. Is it possible to bot 99 wc on an f2p acc without getting banned?

    got too 85 on 6 accounts at once like a week ago as a test, i'd say if you reset your ip address so its clean you take breaks and bot outside jagex work hours you should be fine.
  10. Will I Get Banned?

    ive never been banned while not botting, i mostly play in the tribot client as well cause its almost always open.
  11. for lava runes how should the inventory be set up ? what do you need , i know how to craft them but its not working so maybe im missing something?
  12. so to clarify this script will select the buy price and sell price on its own i dont have to fiddle with it? i simply need to pick a list of items for it to try?

    hey this is exactly what i was looking for, my only issue is that when it goes to take the break handler break it just sits there clicking log out. maybe you could get it to run up to the aggro spot for breaks. im a very avid breaker when it comes to botting also its not very human like to keep clicking log out. especially when the game tells you that it takes 10 seconds after combat or whatever to log out actually it might not be breaking at all , that would need a fix.