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  1. the final proggy on that long one
  2. the script runs perfect, people complaining just do not know how to bot correctly. I've already gotten 99 agility with this script going for number 2. Thanks Aropupu.
  3. i disagree, ive been using both the bots sites i know of , while i think the scripts here work better, its not worth it cause i get boned within 5 minutes of logging in, had a 24h proggy on the other one. will not be using tribot till some massive changes happen and don't tell me its location, i botted the same thing on both clients same spot, the only reason i opened tribot was the script itself works better. also isn't it possible that jagex is using tribot to record the the movement of scripts? just an afterthought
  4. im still getting that armor fetching problem .
  5. thanks bud <3 also im that some other dude lol
  6. it says the code i bought was invalid when i try to redeem this has never happened with your automated system before if you could shoot me a pm and let me know whats going on or if im doing something wrong please do so thanks!
  7. hey its bringing up an old gui, i no longer have the option to choose my herbs , and thus its not picking up anything can you help me out via pm?
  8. the repository premium script redirects to the free page. also please fix yanille the path to the door when banking is broken it wont walk if i do myself it will bank other wise i like the ardy script part thanks
  9. nice script for the ardy part, would like to see yanille working again the bank walking is broken getting to the door specifcally . also would be cool if you picked up a snape grass for every ranarr you pick up but thats my opinion
  10. ffs always look at the last pages before buying a sript i guess
  11. spprt
  12. great script , does everything as advertised just sucks cause im low defence so it banks a lot lol
  13. mee love you longtime lol , looking forward to jungle potion and death plateu illalso update with a screenshot
  14. got new task checked gem just stands there my task is earth warriors and im using vanaka never mind restarted in varrock and it banked and started