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  1. Servers are down, because of someone was doing illegal activity. FIXING

  2. This is why

    Agree. Kids are mad against other botters..
  3. 91 Runecrafting goal going 24/7!

    Good luck my friend 100% Support!
  4. Led's botting progress.

    Bro good luck, but edit your post, cause you are advertising something
  5. Send me a PM please

  6. 20 bot computer build

    You don't read what people write. Ram = good, but graphics why the cheapest one lol... I have only spent almost the same cash stack on the whole processor with the graphic card
  7. 20 bot computer build

    Yeah, like 15 easily, eats only 30-40% ram. But i don't bot on my pc tbh
  8. 20 bot computer build

    I have i-7 almost the newest one, but planning to buy better one.
  9. VPS and Proxies

  10. Skype offline, pm here, will be offline on tuesday.

  11. Is this a good VPS?

    Yeah, remember that you will have to also install yourself. If you don't know how, it will be a little problem.
  12. 90-99 WC

    Give away and then account gets banned for delayed ban! But still good luck man, not so far away till it
  13. Corner thing for me also. But what piss me off is that when it goes, missclicks and catches imp when it doesn't need it. Also what should i do if i where you, change the thing when you snare the imp, then it waits like 1 secons, then wastes 1 sec to click run, why you don't make it with keyboard buttons for running to the imp like some other scripters does this method.