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  1. Servers are down, because of someone was doing illegal activity. FIXING

  2. Send me a PM please

  3. VPS and Proxies

  4. Skype offline, pm here, will be offline on tuesday.

  5. Corner thing for me also. But what piss me off is that when it goes, missclicks and catches imp when it doesn't need it. Also what should i do if i where you, change the thing when you snare the imp, then it waits like 1 secons, then wastes 1 sec to click run, why you don't make it with keyboard buttons for running to the imp like some other scripters does this method.
  6. kMix


    Combat script creator said that it can run there.
  7. kMix

    Just started botting Rs3

    Botting is always risk. Create new account.
  8. Yeah, if only you could change for that price two instances...
  9. Wanted to buy yesterday, just got today the cash from my bank. And the price risen.. Aww
  10. kMix


    Yeah... Forgot that they are dropping unoted
  11. Does it pick up bolts/arrows and wields it??
  12. Scarried me away, but now all OK. A question i would like to ask. Does this script support range? Maybe also with safe spots?
  13. kMix

    Lumbridge CowHideKiller and Banker [ABCL10]

    And then people cry of being hacked..... -.-