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  1. Bot busting

    so I did end up getting banned after 13 levels of agility but luckily it was a 2 day ban so I guess I'm lucky?
  2. Bot busting

    appreciate the help thanks!
  3. Bot busting

    does this mean if i get another moderate bust i wouldnt get perm banned?
  4. Bot busting

    So after playing for a while, I don't know how jagex is treating botters anymore. Do they just perm ban you on first offense? or do you still get a warning if you're not gold farming? Also one of my accounts had a bod bust moderate so it had the warning bar, but now that I checked which is 2 years after I got that ban the bar is clear but I still have the bot bust, I will show it in the image. So with this if I get busted do I get perm banned or would i get another warning?
  5. Buying Credits

    Hello I recently tried to buy some credits, I haven't played runescape or used tribot in over a year I believe. When I tried buying the credits with the paypal account that I used to use it says the account needs to be verified when it was already verified a long time ago. Even though I did verify it, I tried verifying it again and never received the email. I don't know if it's because I'm using some credits I have in paypal or because I haven't used the site in a while.
  6. Trying to buy credits via paypal with a verified account it still says i need to verify my account is it because I'm using my paypal credits or because I haven't used the site in a long time?3ca5ef94e3f036286803f1f612dcdef1.png

  7. need ape atoll script

    hi i need an ape atoll script that can ice burst from a trusted scripter plz contact me for details