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  1. Express

    Any Magic Tree Chopping bots?

  2. Express

    Congratulations to Todd

    On ya Todd.
  3. Stop being cruel and give his stuff back.
  4. Script gets into hosts house then reclicks teleport to house tab/spell. (Very bot like) Also it uses the bone on the altar and for some reason uses another bone as the bones run out you're left with the use dragon bone option on the wall glory and it idles there for hours. Please fix this before I start pulling my hair out.
  5. Script is very unstable, Stood out of Yanille portal for a solid 5 hours trying to enter random a houses that were not even close to the host lol.
  6. Could you add Yanille tele tab support?
  7. If this works I'm thinking of grind 99 prayer with big bones
  8. Express

    [REQUEST] Castewars bot

    Negative aha. Easiest way is to boost with a clan.
  9. Express

    Still waiting on credits...

    Purchased 20 credits on the 1st of April for some reason payment didn't go through till the 8th.. Still haven't received them. Pm'd a couple of staff and no replies. I'll happily screenshot/screenshare the payment. @Usa @TRiLeZ
  10. Fixed the problem, everything working great, but when it withdraws 27 Iron ore theres like a 3 second delay before it shows in inventory so it tries withdrawing another 27 and repeats this every time its very bot like.