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  1. 2m Main Firecapes

    Save his soul
  2. 2m Main Firecapes

    Oh god.
  3. 2m Main Firecapes

    Title says it all swing me a pm.
  4. Mr Extremez Introduction

    Welcome man, Good to see you're expanding your services.
  5. Where can i best sell my main account?

    Right... Settle down young fellow.
  6. Any Magic Tree Chopping bots?

  7. Where can i best sell my main account?

    Use your little brain and figure it out.
  8. Road To Becoming Top 5 BF Botter

    You badass you.
  9. a few questions here... any who can help is a god to me

    @erickho123's Nmz script honestly the lowest ban rate for combat wise.
  10. ★★★ Sticky/Express Firecape Service ★★★

    Online and taking orders, Prices dropped.
  11. 850k+ Magic xp an hour

    Diamonds, Prices are cashing hard already though.