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  1. Sign-up on http://xscripts.org and message Developer with your payment information and he'll make you a VIP.
  2. Just realized you need to start it at 11.
  3. This code will get the last chat message. Pretty simple to make if you spend time looking at interfaces. for (int i = 11; i < 103; i++){ RSInterfaceChild chat = Interfaces.get(137, i); if(chat != null && !chat.isHidden()){ if(chat.getText() == ""){ RSInterfaceChild message = Interfaces.get(137, (i - 1)); return message.getText(); } else if(i == 103){ if(chat.getText() != ""){ return chat.getText(); } } } } return null;Made this code up while finding a way to get which portal shields are up for pest control.
  4. Favorite motivation video, + Greg Plitt videos on his channel.