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  1. Sign-up on http://xscripts.org and message Developer with your payment information and he'll make you a VIP.
  2. Updated. Removed antiban+real time flax counting. Now counts how much flax you earned when you bank. Should be a lot more stable and use less cpu usage. Also, I made the paint a lot smaller and removed the features that didn't matter. There is still the older version if you run into problems with this one.
  3. Come watch me play, currently trying out Zac. http://twitch.tv/xzeroxnet
  4. lol. The bot does this in order to win the game have you played PC before? What? Have you ever played pc? You attack the spinners, not shifters. It goes spinners > shifters > portal, since people complain about not getting enough damage in. The new recoded version will be out this weekend. Not releasing until it's flawless.
  5. This will be updated on Wednesday.
  6. I'm recoding it, it'll be updated within a few days. Been busy with school.
  7. If anybody has questions you can always PM me on here. edit - be back in an hour soldering new switch on my keyboard.
  8. Does that have all the mistakenly in game when not fixed? Yes.
  9. What is your combat level? I set the priority when attacking portals to spinners > shifters within 3 tiles > portal. I get near 100+ each game but I'm 73 combat level. I'm going to also make it attack brawlers if it gets stuck trying to attack a spinner.
  10. Hey guys, I just ran the current version in attack mode for nine hours straight and got 164 points which is equal to 18 points per hour and two points every six minutes. I will release this script as is, and then start working on a GUI to allow you to select defend or attack.
  11. http://www.mediafire.com/?ivwdiqg9599e3 Anybody who wants to test(THIS VERSION ONLY ATTACKS PORTALS). If it bugs out POST A SCREENSHOT OF YOUR GAME WITH NAME BLURRED. Don't report stuff like it getting stuck behind a brawler, or it can't get to the spinner. I already know about that stuff, it will be fixed eventually. It does open gates if all gates are closed, if not. You're taking the long way son. Going to add a gate detector into the walking method.
  12. I think this script is in a good place at the moment. Attacks portals almost perfectly minus annoying roadblocks(brawlers) and gets enough damage in. Also doesn't run randomly when done a game. I just want some people to test it before I upload it to make sure it works on lower combat levels also.
  13. If anybody wants to help test PM me your skype name.