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  1. padlockcode you are epic. I can't explain enough how awesome this is.
  2. all my accounts got banned using this. was at edgeville normal trees. they got banned after around 200 logs chopped starting from lvl 1. I stopped 1 account before 200 logs chopped and they havnt been banned yet so im thinking with enough use of this script its a garuntee ban.
  3. my 4 accounts just got banned. caution with use
  4. Hey, I have a simple idea for a good script. If you're interested in making a private script just for me, and be willing to take a substantial payment, add me on skype: jacob.sorrell cheers
  5. dude there are already like 10-20 people each world botting sorc garden. This would just be beating herbs even more when they're down.
  6. could just use an autoclicker like axife in pest control bank. Use it on a virtual machine.
  7. If you want a hypertrophy routine (push/pull), best bet is 5 days to prevent CNS fatigue and overtraining. Remember more isn't better. I personally do upperbody/lower body alternanting ABxABxA (A=lowerbody, B=upperbody, x=rest) If you want, check out this ebook: The new rules of lifting - cosgrove Alwyn. It helped me workout for an entire year and get great results. It supplies you with dfferent routines depending upon what type of body you have as well, great read.
  8. I buy kangaroo (5$ for half a kilo) which is 80grams brotein per pack. 2 tuna cans a day is 32grams. 3 pasta meals (all of which have 12grams protein) 36grams, and then drink some whey/casein protein supplement for the remaining 30-50grams. you can do it man
  9. yeah man, I personally eat like half a kilo of kangaroo before bed everyday. GI helps for energy purposes too.
  10. clens for chumps man, alb is where it's at. Or even some yohimbine hcl for a safe alternative to clen
  11. Yeah dude, I know, right now i'm just using protein. I wanted to experience supplements first hand. A lot of people say it's broscience. Although I will say creatine is pretty good
  12. Actually a good script only does 2 runs an hour. 1 herb a minute actually. I have my own. It averages about 120kp/hr
  13. Why use Albuterex, when you can use Albuterol
  14. What prohormone did you take, how long did you take it for, and did you do PCT?
  15. Hey guys, I took a range of supplements over the past year, and have ended up with a list: BCAA's: It's in your whey protein and protein, I think it's only beneficial preworkout, and post workout, so I only take it then. Whey protein concentrate: I take this post workout for some quick protein, I love it. Buy it in bulk, for cheap. Casein Protein: I take this on my off days, instead of WPC. Usually I chug it down before bed, to keep the protein pumping for a good 6 hours. Beta Alanine: I took this stuff and noticed no difference. I would even say my lifts went down. Stopped taking the stuff. Creatine: It has studies showing its effectiveness. I just take it on my workout days (4-5times a week). Around 5 grams. ALCAR: At the start, I could feel my brain when taking this stuff. Apparently its an antioxidant and anti-aging product. I continually upped the dosing, till I was at 10grams a day. Now whenever I take it I don't feel anything. I might try another bag soon. I recommend this Pre-workout, or for anyone trying to lose weight. It needs further studies, but It may help in aiding fat loss while exercising, and it helps stimulate brain activity. Taurine: I take this stuff preworkout, it's good for avoiding cramps/muscle definition (like creatine, it helps with water circulation) and taking while on other... shady products. Maltodextrin: Love this stuff with my whey protein concentrate. It's a good simple carb to smash down post workout. VERY cheap too. (20$ for 2.5kg) L-Glutamine: This stuff is awesome for recovering from a workout. It also helps keep muscle when cutting. I hear cancer patients receive this product when they're losing weight rapidly to try and spare muscle. It also helps with getting rid of musle fatigue and DOMS the next day. Also it can help for a good nights sleep if taken before bed. Animal PAK: Took 2 containers worth of these. No notable difference at all. I even bought a normal multivitamin after it and saw more muscle gain (may be placebo). Wouldnt recommend this. Animal Pump: The stim didn't do much for me. No crazy focus. Just felt a normal level of focus, not distracted. I didn't feel insane pumps off this either. May try another run of this to test. Would give it a 7/10. Cheers