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  1. It will go to my house even though I chose house teleport and go to a different persons house, i had to remove my altar because it would keep going to my house to use the bones on
  2. Hey xCode the bug is that if i do a different altar it will go to my altar so i had to remove my altar im sure its a easy bug to fix just wanted to let u know
  3. 1. I have not tested it but i assume that its all prayers 2. Its before i start the script in the gui before i press start 3. could u do it over skype share screens? 4. Its really hard to explain its a weird bug so i dont really know what to say
  4. First bug: I was at abberant spectres(doesnt matter what boss) If i pray magic it will not attack the monster and it will not drink the combat potion. So basically the script barely runs, it will basically just drink a prayer potion to keep my prayer up thats pretty much it will do nothing more. Second bug: If i change the radius at all the script will not work either. Basically the monsters will just attack me and it will auto retaliate and just eat food when it needs too. Third bug: The cannon will not work. The script will setup the cannon to the tile you put it will automically load up the cannon balls in the cannon because thats what the game does then it will just sit there and keep attacking the monsters like the cannon is not even there. It just needs to be able to click the cannon so it can fire and keep putting cannon balls after it runs out. Fourth bug: The script will not loot some monsters, pretty much it will loot some monsters but not most. so if i put it to loot anything over 3000 lets say it will do the "not attack any monsters and just auto retaliate,but will eat food or drink pray pots depending on if im praying or just eating food" And three different options to loot objects will not work as well( wait for loot, loot in combat, telekinetic grab) it will do either A spin around if it sees the item on the ground or B just ignore the fact that it just got the drop and keep auto retaliating.
  5. I had the same problem as this guy i have a few bugs that ive noticed. One if it prays magic it will not attack the monster it just waits for the monster to attack them. Secondly ive noticed that if i change the radius it will also just wait for the monsters to attack me. Thirdly, the cannon does not work it will put the cannon on the ground and the cannon balls automatically load in but it will not fire the cannon. Lastly, the looting system does not work everytime, it only works on some monsters not all. the bug is that the screen will keep rotating and and it clicks random places trying to loot the item on the ground not picking it up. Hopefully i explained everything I could in depth, thanks!
  6. it stands behind the bank for me aswell, hope you can fix!
  7. Verison # (Required): 1.999c Picture of setup of GUI (Required) : http://gyazo.com/1afc3bd0a8ed2c818d8b7cbc3efd30f2 Client debug (Required, paste it in http://www.pastebin.com) :http://gyazo.com/c672fcb07fd01b49f9a86475edb8d69e Bot debug (Required http://www.pastebin.com) : http://pastebin.com/Paj4HfLD Script stack trace: (REQUIRED, ONLY PRINT IT WHEN THE SCRIPT IS RUNNING AND THE PROBLEM IS OCCURING) (image of how to print stack trace herehttp://gyazo.com/6a34c15dabaec56761596344fcaa8815) (PASTE IT IN http://www.pastebin.com) : http://gyazo.com/5256eb613a51aa21ac65bac1a38667b1 Bug that occurred (Please be detailed) (Required) : bot wont start when i start the script from the gui. Just stands there and idles.
  8. Does the premium rune script $12 also come with the regular version?
  9. Looks great, will use in the future!
  10. Do people use this script just for the experience per hour? How much XP is it without the total, Like how much xp is the the str/att/def without including the HP and if im a really high combat level
  11. What version were you running: 3.2.6. What is your issue: When using NPC contact the script will be in the bank and its trying to to click npc contact but its clicking while its inside the bank inventory so its not able to click the mage book. all you need to do is have it x out of the bank and it will fix it How do you think it happened exactly: From staying inside the bank and not xing out the bank Severity rating (1-10): 10 Percent of Occurrence[1-100%(How often does it happen?)]: 100% Thanks!
  12. What version were you running: The most newest one What is your issue: The bot wont take out a dds as a spec weapon How do you think it happened exactly: it wont see it in the bank Severity rating (1-10): 7 Percent of Occurrence[1-100%(How often does it happen?)]: 100%
  13. hey mute so i was wondering why the script would tab and leave the task just randomly when it doesnt need to it has been doing this for a while now, just wondering why becauase its been doing this for a while just havent had the time to tell you
  14. Ok the first one made sense put it has to use super str (4) because its easier and lasts longer please just change that all you have to do is change the ID's real quick. And if I restart the client it will be able to save and use the dds?
  15. hey mute im having an issue with the script it wont do things that should happen. One i tell it to use prayer it wont even use prayer it just takes the sharks and goes to the monster, when i select to pull out super strengths it pulls out my super strength (3) not my 4's. Also the script wont save the option or load it for me, and finnaly when i select my spec weapon for a dds it wont even pull that out either please fix this man! This was in the most current version 3.0.8 Thank you.