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  1. Unfortunately resizeable mode is not supported by TRiBot.
  2. Check out this guide on how to buy credits via PayPal:
  3. I got membership on 5 accounts, other 10 accounts didn't work though. Not 100% sure why.
  4. Unfortunately, at the moment, there is no way to get unflagged once you're marked as fraudulent. For now, you can try purchasing credits via Bitcoin (Coinbase is highly recommended if you're in Canada or the US), or purchasing from someone in the third party market. Users in the market sell credits for PayPal, Runescape Gold, etc. Some resellers include: @erickho123 (a TRiBot Moderator who has an automated system for transferring credits) @Arctic (an extremely trusted market guru, hundreds of feedback on PowerBot and here) or @YoHoJo (a TRiBot super moderator). Some common reasons for getting marked as fraud are: * Your IP address location changing dramatically * Your IP location differing from your registered credit card address * Attempting to pay using a proxy/VPS/VPN There are other reasons, but due to the nature of fraud systems, only select information can be disclosed.
  5. Pretty sure you need VIP in order to load local scripts.
  6. Thanks for the update!
  7. No there is not. You can run them for as long as you want. Yes. No. Hope this helped you.
  8. If you still need this add me on Skype: Flax.TB
  9. You can turn this off on this page: https://tribot.org/repository/user_panel/vip/ scroll down and then set both to 'Non-Recurring'
  10. OSRS is Oldschool RuneScape yeah. VIP is required to bot on OSRS though! More info can be found here on the pricing page: https://tribot.org/#pricing
  11. Hey unfortunately the RS3bot is no longer actively developed, TRiBot is mainly for OSRS.
  12. Closed.