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  1. Online and Selling! Add me on discord if you're looking to purchase. Will be online for the rest of the day.
  2. Not sure if you uploaded the fix, but now it won't walk to dwarves at all upon starting the script. Client debug: [11:53:27] Downloading script 'Gods Slayer [Beta]'. [11:53:32] Script Started: Gods Slayer [Beta]. [11:53:32] Disabled all randoms. [11:53:32] Settings loaded successfully: last [11:53:45] You're assigned to kill dwarves; only 40 more to go. [11:53:47] We are using: Salmon as food [11:54:30] (3094, 3491, 0) Task: DWARVES [11:55:07] (3094, 3491, 0) Task: DWARVES [11:55:45] (3094, 3491, 0) Task: DWARVES [11:56:23] (3094, 3491, 0) Task: DWARVES [11:57:00] (3094, 3491, 0) Task: DWARVES [11:57:42] (3094, 3491, 0) Task: DWARVES [11:57:57] You're assigned to kill dwarves; only 40 more to go. .gif of the issue: https://gfycat.com/meagerhardbrownbear
  3. @godspower33 Description of bug: Script gets stuck at dwarves, it doesnt actually attack any of the dwarves. LG (Yes/No): No Resize (Yes/no): Yes Pictures of inventory: Pictures of screen and/or status: Navigating to Monster / Antiban
  4. The VIP-E extension hasn't even been given out yet, what do you mean?
  5. Thanks for the release and VIP-E Extension.
  6. Which script do you use? Some scripters added their own prayer API.
  7. I dont think so lmfao
  8. Any idea when prayers are getting fixed, this is getting ridiculous.
  9. Hey @Einstein Whenever I try to chop regular trees with progressive mode, it doesn't detect any trees in custom areas i think, the script just immediately stops upon clicking start. It works fine in the exact same area when using normal mode. GUI Settings Client debug: [15:07:55] Downloading script 'Einstein's Woodcutter'. [15:07:57] Script Started: Einstein's Woodcutter. [15:07:58] No previously saved profle was found. [15:07:58] If this is your first time running Einstein's Woodcutter, welcome to the team! [15:07:58] Script successfully loaded: 0.704 seconds. [15:08:59] Successfully saved profile: 1-35 WC [15:09:00] Disabled all randoms. [15:09:00] [Progressive mode] Based on how you configured the GUI, there are no more trees that can be cut at your current level (1). [15:09:00] The script will now exit. [15:09:00] Thank you for running Einstein's Woodcutter! [15:09:00] Script Ended: Einstein's Woodcutter. Am I missing something? Kinda sucks because I purchased it mainly for the progressive mode.
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