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  1. Flax

    Slayer tasks

    I've been using this script for most of my slayer tasks, works very well + it's free atm.
  2. Flax

    Account Manager - Help!

    No, updating the bot wouldn't clear the account manager. If you've never removed the tribot folder etc there's a good chance they'll be there.
  3. Hee, op het moment heb ik nog maar 60m beschikbaar. Hoogst waarschijnlijk dit weekend / eind dit weekend heb ik meer gp, of heb je het zsm nodig? €0.77/m zijn de rates
  4. Flax


    I see, didnt know that, i just went with what @Todd said in the past.
  5. Flax


    You cant. you're a random anyway why would you care about having an account on a botting forum?
  6. Flax

    Email Generators

    You need an email attached if you ever want to recover or change the password, though. For example if your account gets locked, without an email attached it's a pain in the ass to unlock. But I agree, if you're mass creating accounts it's not worth it to create a new email for it since it takes too much time to verify each acc. From my experience it does not matter in terms of ban rates.
  7. Flax

    Help, Where to find member i.d to transfer credits

    You can find your member id if you go to your own profile and check the url, it should have an number in it, that's your member ID. For example, mine = https://tribot.org/forums/profile/5679-flax/ However you'd still need to get 100+ posts to be able to transfer credits at all.
  8. Script stopped as soon as it reached the cave, first time I've seen this happen, there were pkers outside the cave aswell. this was in the client debug [02:41:42] PKERS DETECTED OUTSIDE CAVE!!! [02:42:15] java.lang.ClassCastException: java.util.HashMap$Node cannot be cast to java.util.HashMap$TreeNode [02:42:15] at java.util.HashMap$TreeNode.moveRootToFront(HashMap.java:1835) [02:42:15] at java.util.HashMap$TreeNode.putTreeVal(HashMap.java:2014) [02:42:15] at java.util.HashMap.putVal(HashMap.java:638) [02:42:15] at java.util.HashMap.put(HashMap.java:612) [02:42:15] at java.util.HashSet.add(HashSet.java:220) [02:42:15] at scripts.dax_api.walker_engine.e.x.J(RealTimeCollisionTile.java:185) [02:42:15] at scripts.dax_api.walker_engine.e.o.J(CollisionDataCollector.java:24) [02:42:15] at scripts.dax_api.walker_engine.local_pathfinding.g.J(PathAnalyzer.java:19) [02:42:15] at scripts.dax_api.walker_engine.local_pathfinding.g.J(PathAnalyzer.java:27) [02:42:15] at scripts.dax_api.walker_engine.q.J(WalkerEngine.java:164) [02:42:15] at scripts.dax_api.walker_engine.l.J(WaitFor.java:60) [02:42:15] at scripts.dax_api.walker_engine.q.J(WalkerEngine.java:157) [02:42:15] at scripts.dax_api.api_lib.v.J(DaxWalker.java:77) [02:42:15] at scripts.GodsRevs.qb.J(NavigateToRevsClanWarsBanking.java:290) [02:42:15] at scripts.GodsRevs.qb.J(NavigateToRevsClanWarsBanking.java:208) [02:42:15] at scripts.GodsRevs.Revs.run(Revs.java:334) [02:42:15] at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:748) [02:42:17] Time ran: 05:34:52 [02:42:17] Profit made: 3,943,981GP [02:42:17] Deaths: 9 [02:42:17] Thank you for choosing Gods Scripting [02:42:18] Script Ended: Gods Revenants.
  9. Flax

    Grand Exchange [COMPATIBLE - ABC2/ABCL10]

    @JoeDezzy1 Still broken? I'm interested in this script. Too bad it won't sell anything I put in the GUI.
  10. Flax

    [Development] Netami's AIO Combat

    When safespotting without avas it walks all the way around just to pickup ~10 bolts, can you make the user choose whether or not they want the bot to pickup arrows/bolts? Or just an option to not pickup the arrows/bolts while safespotting that'd be great. Scripts works really decent though. Been using it for a few slayer tasks and I must say I'm impressed.
  11. Looking forward to this! TRiBot definitely needs a flawless slayer script.