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  1. Yup same, luckily I still have a few clients open.
  2. Solved the problem, apparently a chrome/firefox addon was blocking the 2fa popup.
  3. I can't seem to login anymore via Firefox/Chrome ever since it went down earlier today, it somehow logged me out automatically after the downtime. I've tried clearing my cache/cookies but that didn't solve it. It works fine on Edge though. I've tried changing password but that didn't solve it either. This is the error I'm getting on FF/Chrome: @TRiLeZ @Todd
  4. Flax

    No More Free Membership

    I usually just buy bonds, I never really messed with those 7 day memberships as most of my account last longer than 2 weeks anyway. Your best bet would be to wait for a twitch prime promotion or just use bonds, There are probably other methods but most of them aren't legal.
  5. Flax

    Banned need help

    You can appeal a ban here: https://support.runescape.com/hc/en-gb/articles/115002238729
  6. Thanks for the release!
  7. @TRiLeZ I'm still getting the maximum instance error after like an hour of botting.
  8. Thanks yeah that's originally what I did but it works until it switches training spots. After that it just starts ignoring the tasks. Let me know when you've got the chance to look into the issue. I can replicate the issue pretty easily. ?
  9. I'm currently using your AIO Combat & Magic script, works well however I'm running into a small issue with progressive equipment. This is my current progressive task list: However once it switches to a new training method it doesn't switch any equipment after it reaches the ranged level. (Maple shortbow etc.) [17:45:14] Script Started: Optimus Combat & Magic. [17:45:14] Welcome to Optimus Combat & Magic! - Please wait while the script downloads. [17:45:14] Loading GUI... [17:45:17] Loading settings [17:45:20] File selected [17:46:33] Saving settings [17:46:38] File selected [17:46:46] This position is supported by DaxWalker. [17:46:46] The food you are using heals 9 HP [17:46:46] You're using DaxWalker, if you havn't already allowed the script to download the map, please allow now. [17:46:55] Doing task [17:46:55] Willow shortbow [17:46:55] Change to Willow shortbow [17:46:55] Willow shortbow [17:46:55] WEAPON is now set to: Willow shortbow [17:46:57] Doing task [17:46:57] Coif [17:46:58] HELMET is now set to: Coif [17:47:03] Doing task [17:47:03] Studded chaps [17:47:11] LEGS is now set to: Studded chaps [18:25:41] Doing task [18:25:41] Loading GUI... [18:25:42] 25-50 Cows Progressive.GUI settings now selected How do I make it so it equips the items after it switches training methods? the 2nd gui file has the same progressive tasks so that shouldn't be the issue.
  10. I don't really use Looking Glass but I'd recommend using runelite instead of OSBuddy @Encoded released a custom runelite plus client that works with LG a while ago:
  11. https://johann.loefflmann.net/en/software/jarfix/index.html
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