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  1. Yup it's awesome I love the script! Thanks! @R17rs
  2. Looks good, iv'e been using it for sometime... =) @R17rs
  3. Seems pretty cool, il'l have to look into that. @R17rs
  4. Nice man it's looking good, keep it up! @R17rs
  5. Looking good man, keep up the good work! @R17rs
  6. Try to reinstall Java and then the program. I think that will resolve it, hope that helps! @R17rs
  7. When you want to add a script you need to go to the forums and click add repository at script you want it will be added to your forum account.. Just download Tribot - login and click start script. You must be a VIP: Or you need to have a premimium script. Hope that helps! @R17rs
  8. fee

    Only premimium scripts for one account. @R17rs
  9. Just wait apparetly it's happening to everyone. It should be resolved. @R17rs
  10. Yeah in the payement section located here: @R17rs
  11. TRiBot doesn't accept paypal... @R17rs
  12. I wish they would bring back paypal as well....
  13. A client problem wait a few days maybe reset your pc. @R17rs
  14. Put it in your inventory, and go to the top of the client and click debug-> inventory. @R17rs
  15. Proxies and take small breaks to simulate human activity Jagex monitors time.. @R17rs