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  1. Yup it's awesome I love the script! Thanks! @R17rs
  2. Looks good, iv'e been using it for sometime... =) @R17rs
  3. Nice man it's looking good, keep it up! @R17rs
  4. Looking good man, keep up the good work! @R17rs
  5. When you want to add a script you need to go to the forums and click add repository at script you want it will be added to your forum account.. Just download Tribot - login and click start script. You must be a VIP: Or you need to have a premimium script. Hope that helps! @R17rs
  6. Hey Guys it's my first script, Epic Yew Chopper 1.0! Tell me what you guys think! Do you get banned? Any bugs or glitches? Let Me Know! Please Give Me Feed Back! For You Guys out there that are scriptors im going to try and make a couple more bots before I tryout for a scripting position! So if you like it please comment. - Thanks My Epic Yew Chopper 1.0.class