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  1. @Aropupu Does the premium version support runite rocks in the mining guild, or do I need to buy the runite version? MrRoo
  2. [Beta] Mute's Slayer

    @Mute O.O you kind sir are a fucking god!!! Will post feedback! MrRoo
  3. [Beta] Mute's Slayer

    @Mute I just noticed the slayer script has been updated today! Woot Woot! Can't wait to try it out! May I ask, what did you change? MrRoo
  4. TRIBOT Loader Does not OPEN

    EDIT: SOLVED Somehow my jdk was corrupted, and I reinstalled JDK 121 for the 3rd time! Sorry about this post. MrRoo
  5. TRIBOT Loader Does not OPEN

    Hi guys, I'm having some serious problems with opening the tribot loader. It's worked for the past 2 years, but now for some reason whenever I try to open the jar file it doesn't open.... I downloaded jar fix, I've tried resetting my environmental variables, I've tried opening the jar file with java, I redownloaded jdk and tribot, and I've also deleted my .tribot folder in App data..... What else can I do? Can anyone help? My computer did restart last night because of "an unknown error." MrRoo
  6. Monts Castle Wars Afker

    @montreal176What kind of anti-ban does this have? MrRoo
  7. Auto Woodcutter

    @Encoded The tree clicking problem has been fixed for me! I'm getting about 35k exp/hour while cutting willows at barbarian outpost. The reaction time are still a little longer than I'd like.... but it's a minimal issue. Thank you kind sir MrRoo
  8. Auto Woodcutter

    @Encoded Sorry for the late response, but the "tree clicking problem" occurs only when cutting willows and it happens regardless of where I'm chopping willows. I've only used the script to cut willows in draynor and barbarian outpost, so I'm not sure about other trees and locations... It happens more often when "reaction times are enabled." Note- I haven't used this script since the last time I commented on this thread, so this problem could be nonexistent at this point. I will update my thoughts the next time I use the script, and again, this script is by far the best woodcutting script! Have you ever considered making this a premium script? I would definitely buy it! MrRoo
  9. Auto Woodcutter

    @Encoded Is there anyway to modulate the ABC2 delays to make them a little bit faster? Maybe perhaps create ABC2 modifier option that can speed things up or make things slower? Another script that I use has a similar option that subtlety increases or decreases exp gains. I'm getting, on average, about 14+ second delays, which turns a 45k exp/h proggie into about 25-32K exp proggie--- which is pretty bad. If somewhat similar exp rates could be achieved with "reaction times enabled" as they do when they're not enabled, then this script would make all other woodcutting scripts obsolete! Another nice option would be a "hover" option because the script always hovers over the next tree. I personally never hover trees when I play OSRS (but I'm also a pretty lazy player). Also: Occasionally the script gets stuck when attempting to click a tree. After the reaction time, it will hover over edge of the tree (almost like it isn't able to click the tree) and will continue to idle indefinitely (came back to a 3hour proggies that had 2k exp). If I rotate the camera or click elsewhere on the screen after the script gets stuck, the script continues to work again without flaw, until it gets stuck again. This happens regardless of whether or not reaction times were enabled. Those are just my tidbits! Otherwise, the script is absolutely phenomenal! Note- I'm using looking glass. MrRoo
  10. @Druid It seems that the script cannot bank at barbarian outpost with a custom setup... Anyway you could add the preset? MrRoo
  11. @warfront1 Does this script support the ZMI alter? MrRoo
  12. EzConstruction 1-33 (or 99)

    @FALSkills How do I set this script up? I understand how to write the arguments, but the script immediately begins to construct stuff without me inputting anything. What am I doing wrong? I want to slow down the mouse speed I'm 12 construction, have bought the kitchen and dining rooms, am using LG, and all neccessary supplies. MrRoo EDIT: FIXED
  13. Does anyone else have problems getting decent exp/hour with LG? MrRoo
  14. @Tri I've been having problems trying to superheat ores. After withdrawing coal, it always logs out because I do not enough ores of the specific type. This happens when trying to make any bar. I'm not sure if I've not set up the gui correctly, but I'm fairly certain that I have and that this might be a bug. MrRoo