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  1. @NewBotterFTW I apologize in advance for not being to describe this correctly in scriptwriter's terms, but in general across the script it seems that the mouse movement is very linear, even with the addition of Tribot's human mouse movement. I really don't know anything about how to make a script, I just like to buy and use them. In comparison to the other scripts that I've bought, their mouse movement's seem to have more curvature to their paths. This curvature in my opinion makes the mouse movement look more human like. When you combine the high speed movement of the script with the linear mouse movement it creates, in my opinion, a bot like effect. I personally play runescape in a more laid back, non nonchalant manner, and I rarely move my mouse in straight lines. Like an artist, the strokes should be long and curvy. Overall, the script is magnificent and I would recommend it to anyone! MrRoo
  2. @NewBotterFTW Gui looks awesome, and it appears to be very stable in draynor fishing for shrimps, but the mouse speed is too high and the mouse movement is too linear. Anyway you could add some extra anti ban to the mouse moment and camera rotation, or add settings to modulate these? MrRoo
  3. @Tri I am very impressed with your scripts, but I am a little confused.... Is your AIO combat and Magic script as efficient at killing yaks as this script is? I guess I'm trying to justify a reason as to why I should buy this script, and not buy your general, all encompassing script, AIO Combat & Magic. MrRoo
  4. @Assume I apologize in advance if I have not read thoroughly through your thread, but does this script support sand crabs? I understand that rock crabs are supported. MrRoo
  5. @xCode I hate to break the news to you, but your premium script only has 20 active users.... Not very successful IMO from an opportunity cost perspective. I can understand if you only want a few elite members running your script, but if your original intention was to make some extra money on the side for some of your handwork, then you're not doing well at all. Honestly, I really would just want to pay for your script, but without a lifetime option for 1 auth, there is no real reason to purchase your script. Your hard work and innovation deserve to be acknowledged, used and paid for. Good luck on all your endeavors, but I would seriously consider adding another payment option. MrRoo
  6. @J J Does this script support rock or sand crabs? MrRoo
  7. @Mute Is it possible that you will add a lifetime payment option for 1 auth? I would buy that ASAP, and I think others would too! MrRoo
  8. @xCode Is there anyway you could provide a lifetime payment option for 1 auth? I would buy that ASAP, and I think other people would as well! MrRoo
  9. @Alpha Dog, As a a casual botter, I would personally love the option to buy lifetime access for 1-2 accounts, but it is not so! I would buy this script in a heart beat if it didn't have an expiration date on it..... Think of all the opportunity costs!! All the hard work and valuable time that went into this script deserves to be used and acknowledged! MrRoo
  10. @Aropupu It seems I prefer to use all of your scripts! I just bought your aPlunderer and need to get the required thieving levels to get there, so I am going to use this script. Is there anyway you could implement abc2 for this script? MrRoo
  11. Everyone, It finally has arrived. I now have my encryption key! Sorry about this drama and thank you for all the help guys! MrRoo
  12. Mark Thank you for the support. I wish I could get in contact with an administrator that could help mediate this problem I am having. Or perhaps I will wake up tomorrow and the key will load up pronto and as expected. Maybe not. *sigh* I wish @TRiLeZ would swoop down and save the day. He's the man. Regards, MrRoo
  13. Mark Exactly what you described is what I do not have. Perhaps it takes multiple hours after buying VIP-E, that I get access to the key? MrRoo
  14. Jeremy, It is definitely enabled, but every time I start the tribot client, it reads : loading human mouse movement data. Could not load human mouse data. Human mouse data encryption key not found. Regards, MrRoo