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  1. @Aropupu It seems I prefer to use all of your scripts! I just bought your aPlunderer and need to get the required thieving levels to get there, so I am going to use this script. Is there anyway you could implement abc2 for this script? MrRoo
  2. Everyone, It finally has arrived. I now have my encryption key! Sorry about this drama and thank you for all the help guys! MrRoo
  3. Mark Thank you for the support. I wish I could get in contact with an administrator that could help mediate this problem I am having. Or perhaps I will wake up tomorrow and the key will load up pronto and as expected. Maybe not. *sigh* I wish @TRiLeZ would swoop down and save the day. He's the man. Regards, MrRoo
  4. Mark Exactly what you described is what I do not have. Perhaps it takes multiple hours after buying VIP-E, that I get access to the key? MrRoo
  5. Jeremy, It is definitely enabled, but every time I start the tribot client, it reads : loading human mouse movement data. Could not load human mouse data. Human mouse data encryption key not found. Regards, MrRoo
  6. Mute I only submitted 1 file, so I understand that I did not follow the instruction correctly, which were to submit 20-22 files. My reasoning for sumbitting 1 is that I believed TRiLe, was trying to overcompensate by having people submit many files in hopes of quickly making a lot of keys. On the other hand, I am also very ignorant about scripting and the Tribot client in general and should not be complaining about asking for a key that I did not properly submit data for. I mean no disrespect to anyone reading this. However now, I've purchased VIP Extended and would very much like to take advantage of obtaining a key--- I've had many accounts banned, and I'm adamant about never ever having another another ban. I am also a UNC-CH student, and am taking classes on Java coding, and I hope to be able to give back to this community in the near feature. Regards, Matthew Roohi
  7. Hello @TRiLeZ, I've currently just upgraded to VIP extended, but do not yet have access to the human encryption key data yet. A few months ago, I sent in my mouse data hopefully to get the human mouse encryption key then, but did not receive it then, so I've now decided to get VIP extended to secure one of these valuable keys. I've tried pming you TRiLeZ, however I can't type anything in the message area of the pm--- perhaps the new forum interface is acting up. I'm not upset in any way, I just would like to figure how and when I can obtain one of the keys. If anyone else other than TriLeZ can answer this, please feel free to post. Regards, MrRoo
  8. @Aropupu, I would like to be added to the list of testers please. I believe I could help provide accurate and detailed feedback to further help your developement of v2 I will pm as you as well. Regards, MrRoo
  9. @Tri I love your scripting abilities and am very thankful for your contribution of free scripts! I am planning on purchasing a couple of your other scripts as well. I would lend your one of my accounts for testing, but I only have one and do feel a bit uncomfortable lending out my main. I would love to see ABC2 antiban implemented, as well as mage support-- not sure there if there is mage support already, but the last time I used this script there was not. Regards, MrRoo
  10. @Aropupu, Does this script support obtaining a pet rock golem in the rare event that one spawns when mining? MrRoo
  11. AlphaDog I have tried smithing mithril knives again, and the same exact thing occurs: it clicks on the anvil, and upon the smithing menu screen, it begins to idle, with the mouse pointer hovering exactly where it clicked on the anvil. The script reads "Handling Menu." It has no problems making other mithril items, such as darts and arrowheads. Is there any other way I can help in this situation? Regards, MrRoo
  12. Hello, this script will not make mithril knives for some reason. It is able to do everything except click "make knife" upon the smithing menu screen. It does not matter where I am smithing and it has worked in the past for iron knives. Also, a coal bag and ABC2, and this script would be up to date! Regards, MrRoo
  13. Hello TRileZ, Here is my data collection data How do I receive/activate a human mouse encryption key? Regards, MrRoo Xmouse_data-5677-1456274361769.dat
  14. Hello Yawhide, Wondering if this script will be updated in near future-- would be very much appreciated!