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  1. Fix script please. Fishing sharks @Fishing Guild, bounces from fishing to antiban about 3 times a second.
  2. Fuck Jagex, not once but twice!
  3. You tryna run proxie?
  4. Script is currently standing at northern pier in the fishing guild and failing to find a shark fishing spot.
  5. Free to download on xboxlive marketplace
  6. newbotterftw is a legend, probz best to ask him
  7. Threads should be deleted when the account is banned.
  8. Oh okay, you want the dumbass's in this world to click it do ya.. go ahead let em LOL.
  9. DONT CLICK THAT LINK.....!! If you do ur an idoit.
  11. worth having, every day just delete the vids that are not needed my folder is nearly 2gb lol
  12. Hit windows button Search "run" Type in appdata go to Roaming then .tribot then random videos then the 1 u die on then submit that to trilez.
  13. Not in a million years, try selling gold or something to get at least 100 feedback then maybe just maybe this kinda shit, until then, N O spells... no. 1 negative also is a fail.