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  1. Keeps randomly stopping on its way into wildy and in the house, not sure why
  2. What mining level is recommended for 100k/hr+? Also do is there any way around the mugger at the v.west mine other than training cb up?
  3. Finally got some settings that are working for me. It would also be cool if you could add a search option to the stakers tab in the show duels thing to easily navigate through possible stakers since theres always a big list. http://gyazo.com/c3f7b4568f52c8981cfc97c58f0786a3
  4. Ohh I think I know what it was actually. I forgot to set up my break handler for the accounts. I usually use breaks so 14 hours straight is just a stupid move on my part.
  5. Somehow got goldfarmer banned on all four accounts today after less than two days since i started them. Was running ~14 hours a day at yews. Could it be my IP since I have botted and been banned in the past?
  6. Yeah everything is running great except for the profit calculator. Also, if I wanted to run more than 3 instances would i just buy another auth from the repository?
  7. The grab stats from game / highscores dont seem to be working though. Its a bit of a pain to type in the stats manually
  8. Is it possible to just use the odds calculator on this? It doesnt seem to be loading the stats on the win % tab.
  9. seems to get stuck a lot. good script other than that.
  10. Seems to be failing LOTS of randoms. Every time i've checked back its been logged out.
  11. yeah i'm having the same problem as haguee, seems like the id's are off or something?
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