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  1. i start the script and it does nothing, idk any of the ids for food and weapons either do u need to put that in in order for it to work? please help im using d scim btw and lobsters for food
  2. the bot wont work for me i start it up and nothing happens please help me! im trying to work this at ankous
  3. can you please add bones to peaches tabs for food that would make this script amazing!
  4. hey i am trying to use my tribot when i load up my tribot it says " tribot has loaded but some errors have occurred" can you pleaseeeeee help me i havent been able to use tribot in a few weeks.
  5. can you add an option to drop certain items or make it dual capable with ids/names?? Please experiments is soo annoying with a pure there because of this..
  6. Maybe you should watch the video in OP. Assume clearly explains that you must add Sleep when creating the logic to make it flawless.
  7. im trying to use velox crabs and i start up the script but my character does not move or anything and it does not attack any of the rock crabs, what should i do??
  8. Could you please implement the option to use the npc name OR id??? I'm sure you could easily make it dual-capable.
  9. Did todays update fuck with anyone else's logic, jw???
  10. Script causes client to freeze within an hour for me. Otherwise works pretty good.
  11. I lost my vip, thanks guys
  12. Does this version freeze/crash like the lite version still?
  13. Banned at gray chins last night. I have like 4 accounts with 4 botting offences each... wtf
  14. Ya i got hit at about 4am EST last night. I'm still convinced they're manual banning.