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  1. i asked 5days ago 2 times, nicely did get like 5 vieuws, 1 reply of saying 'redownload' look now, finally got my pissed off i get alot of views and tips;)
  2. IT just dont work for my! even when i start tribot up it says 'tribot errors in red' but still if i use it runs, than it does crazy things like running north somewhere els or running away or ignoring or not stopping the script or just standing doing nothing!
  3. no idiot, he did ment like pay for the scripts where you hav to pay for , so 'like i was saying i pay for vip to use tribot' and than pay again for 100% working bots that costs 8-10$ than i am paying twice arent i if i do that dumbas
  4. i pay to be a vip, than i hav to pay again while i am a vip for some good bots? than why the fuck should i pay twice?
  5. i am frustrated! , 4days ago i posted for saying if these things will get fixed? all i was getting back is ye sure in the next 24h! its been almost 4-5days i want some sleep ! not until i know for sure bot runs good!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. i feel like i am fucking paying for bullshit , i hav to watch every 10mins to the bot for not stopping combat bot/mining/fletching/mage bot all fucking bots fucking help tell me do something about this fucking bullshit or these people just make fucking bad scripts ffs@@@@@@@@@@@@
  7. wasnt trying to act/be smart just tried on anice way possible
  8. than were im i else suppose to! i hav trusted people on here, and people trust me on here!!:S:
  9. -------------------------------------Runescape account--------------------------- good for pking, !
  10. rs07 pro account, not allowed to sale so had to like that >.>
  11. i mean runescape account 2007 , but its not allowed to sale thats why i kept it short tough you guys wud know what i mean, and next time shut you little mounth you gangster on the internet before calling somebody 'scammer'
  12. selling crazy pk account, pm my soz i only trust tribot for selling/buying :/
  13. pm my for information/name/stats sorry for breaking a rule but i tried find a trusted website and i couldnt find than just scammers! i trust tribot the most!
  14. asking more for advice not a adverising , if you know ----------------send my a private message ---------------------