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  1. FALSkills

    Client of Kourend [Open Source]

    I don't know what you're trying to say. Please send me a gif/screenshot of the issue and describe it as well as you can.
  2. FALSkills

    Client of Kourend [Open Source]

    Hello, I wrote this script at quest release, however I never got around to finalizing and posting it. It is in mostly one class, however it should still be quite readable. It is built using the EnumScript framework which I quite like. Features include: Start the script at any step or anywhere in RuneScape that is supported by Dax's WebWalker. Arguments for house favor and skill lamp selections. By default, Arceuus house is chosen and the skills chosen are randomized. If you provide arguments, it will not randomize. Requirements: Only requirement is to have 1 feather or 2 gp. Arguments instructions: (important for customization!) Script can be found here: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/2569 Source can be found here: https://github.com/FALSkills/TribotScripts/tree/master/clientofkourend Thank you to @Final Calibur for his ACamera class, and @daxmagex for his WebWalker and included utility functions. Walking in RuneScape would be a pain without you!
  3. Definitely possible, I have scripts for things such as 1t karambwans and 1t prayer flicking during bosses such as thermonuclear smoke devil and cerberus. My only temp ban on my main is from after a long weekend of 1t prayer flicking, but that's just anecdotal.
  4. FALSkills

    Eagle's Peak

    Necklace of passage support has been restored! It will also now drink stamina potions at any point if necessary, and enable run if not enabled (at abc2 defined energy levels).
  5. FALSkills

    Eagle's Peak

    Complete's the Eagle's Peak quest, which grants access to using box traps. Make sure you have the requirements here: http://oldschoolrunescape.wikia.com/wiki/Eagles'_Peak The script will buy the required items on the GE if it does not have them. Make sure you have the items or enough cash to purchase them. Required item list: Yellow dye Swamp tar 50 coins Necklace of passage, having 2+ would be beneficial. Varrock teleports It will withdraw Varrock tabs unless you start it with teleport runes in inventory. Start the script with stamina potions in inventory if you wish to use them. The script will use custom anti-ban, and uses ABC2 uniquely for every action. I will probably add customization options in the future. Get it here: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/2901 Contact me about any issues with the script. I've run it many times so it shouldn't require babysitting, but the game changes weekly and so bugs will happen.
  6. FALSkills

    time till next break

  7. FALSkills

    Need 4 quests doing paying RSGP or Paypal

    I will do them for free, using my script that I have been testing. No strings attached, just message me on here or discord, FALSkills#1985
  8. FALSkills

    Is it possible to change your tribot username?

    @Fluffee maybe can help? not sure.
  9. FALSkills

    AvasQuestline [Beta][Free]

    The script is still under construction, but I had said I would release it this weekend so I'm trying to stick to my word. https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/2925 In it's current state, it will complete: Restless Ghost Ernest the Chicken Priest in Peril Animal Magnetism The script will automatically proceed through the above quests, purchasing / obtaining all required items. You just need to have coins and a weapon equipped. It uses an ABC2 wrapper for every action with additional custom anti-ban. It will also use custom anti-ban while walking (using my DaxWalker key) as well as while at GE. It will save time to obtain the items first, so I will list them in the spoiler below. Special notes: Start the script with a weapon you want to use for killing the Dog and Zamorak Priest in Priest in Peril. It will punch them to their or your death if you don't. If you don't want it to buy dragon bones for ecto-tokens, have 4 other bones in your bank. Make sure you have enough coins in bank for all of the items. I don't know the exact price, but 30k is definitely enough. This script is in BETA. It will very likely have bugs. Contact me on discord or post here with script issues. Be descriptive, take screenshots/gif if you can. Planned updates: GUI to specify user preferences Building the above user preferences. Options would include: Specify quest order Custom paint Gear setup for killing NPCs Teleport preferences Purchasing all items at once (rather than in batches, as it currently does) I will be training accounts to get more testing / debugging in. Expect improvements! Post suggestions here!
  10. FALSkills

    AvasQuestline [Beta][Free]

    I believe that I have fixed this issue in an update that I released yesterday. I had it fixed before, but when overwriting the dax walker folder I reverted the fix by mistake. Please let me know if you encounter further issues, thanks!
  11. FALSkills

    [Paid Request] World Population Grabber

    The WorldHopper.getServers() method doesn't read interfaces, and can be called offline or without the tab open. The example you provided is logically incorrect, you are filtering for worlds where the population == the world number.
  12. FALSkills

    Off screen mouse

    Pretty sure it was patched a few releases ago and will exit at any point of the screen. I have seen it do so myself.
  13. FALSkills

    Unofficial TRiBot CLI

    Credits to @Deluxes for his original client launcher which this was built from, and I believe I also took some code from @erickho123's version. I finally got around to writing an auto-updater, so I figured I'd release the jar for it. Once the official CLI is finished I will probably take this down. Unless there are major changes to the way tribot launches clients this should still work though. Arguments: Example usage (from the directory containing the jar): java -jar TribotStarter.jar [email protected] scriptName~example_script world~8 breakProfile~xxxx scriptCommand~example_argument proxyIP~ proxyPort~1080 proxyUsername~admin proxyPassword~password heapSize~512 Download it from Dropbox here Here is a Google sheets template for generating your own starter commands
  14. FALSkills

    Unofficial TRiBot CLI

    No there has to be an account name provided. If you are providing login details via argument etc, you can just put a random account as the accountName then? For example, I do this: java -jar TribotStarter.jar accountName~tutorial scriptName~EzTutorialIsland ... There has to be a matching login in your Account Manager though.
  15. FALSkills

    AvasQuestline [Beta][Free]

    Pushed update, should be fixed.
  16. FALSkills

    EzHellratCatcher [Open Source]

    Here is a script that will obtain spices from Hell-Rats and Hell-Rat Behemoths in Evil Dave's basement, or just idle in a bank and feed your kitten when its hungry. It should implement ABC2 properly. The GUI is pretty self explanatory, but I will go in detail below. DISCLAIMER: Hell-Rat Behemoths can potentially kill your cat, especially if you are laggy. Several cats/kittens were lost in the making of this script. There are several types of cats that I did not get to test with because I hate the ratcatchers quest. If you run into issues with them, let me know. Catcher: Select which spices you want it to loot. It will auto-combine smaller doses into larger. Manage kitten will bank for food and feed the kitten when it needs it. If you don't have a kitten, don't check this. Kitten idler will only manage kitten (make sure to check both boxes) and not catch hell rats. It will idle in a bank. Battler: Select one spice to gather. Either let abc2 decide what hp to heal your cat at, or pick a number. I recommend 3, as all food seems to heal the cats for 3 and they have 6 health. This mode will potentially lose your cat. I have done many successful kills with it, but I can't promise you there won't be issues. Server lag or poor connection will likely result in a dead kitty. I recommend disabling abc2 eat %, and choosing 3 as the health to eat at. All food heals them for 3, and they have 6 hitpoints unless Wily. I don't think you even need food for Wily, but I don't have one. Food: Pretty self-explanatory. It will automatically scan for raw fish if you don't enter anything. If you do enter something, please make sure your cat can actually eat it... Withdraw defaults are 3 for catcher, 20 for battler. Repo link: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/2649 Source link: https://github.com/FALSkills/TribotScripts/tree/master/scripts/ezhellratcatcher
  17. FALSkills

    AvasQuestline [Beta][Free]

    It's working just fine, maybe post the error and I can help you with it. It is likely telling you that you are missing a quest or skill requirement. I will take another look at that issue, I thought I had a handler for it
  18. FALSkills

    Unofficial TRiBot CLI

    He posted a link to a video that solved it, he needed to set his java home
  19. FALSkills

    How to see my current ip in tribot

    That will only show the proxy that was used to load the client. If you right click your tab and choose a proxy that way, it will not be listed there.
  20. FALSkills

    Proxy Ban

    Virmach is not going to refund you because you got banned either lol, they are not affiliated with runescape or tribot and they don't have any stake in the longevity of your runescape accounts. The only way you would get a refund is if you are eligible for one, which is usually within a certain timeframe of purchase. I don't use virmach so I'm not sure what their policy is.
  21. FALSkills

    Zamorak Mage Miniquest

    Hello, This is a GUI-less script that will complete the Zamorak Mage Miniquest using available teleport methods and DaxWalker. I recommend loading the account with a worn glory, duel ring, and Varrock and Camelot teleport tabs. It will simply walk everywhere if the teleport methods are not available, however it checks bank for the tabs first. This script uses custom anti-ban while walking, but will always complete the tasks in the same order at this time. This script will not remove worn gear or inventory items before entering the wilderness, use at your own risk. Get it here!
  22. FALSkills

    Zamorak Mage Miniquest

    You're going to need to provide more info than that. I just ran the script and it worked fine.
  23. FALSkills

    Unofficial TRiBot CLI

    Added a Google sheets template for building your own starters
  24. FALSkills

    EzConstruction 1-33 (or 99)

    Hi, Here is quick, reliable, and progressive construction bot that I wrote a while back to get my abyss runners to 47 construction for a mounted glory, only to realize that I'd rather just use worn glories! This script is only designed to go up to oak larders at level 33. It has an argument for oak dungeon doors, however I do not test that method very often. Link to repo: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/1460 Instructions: Have plenty of planks, nails, house tabs, oak planks, and rings of dueling in bank Have at least 1 hammer and 1 saw in bank. If you are 1 construction, speak to a real estate agent (there's one in most major cities) and purchase a house for 1000. If you are 10+ construction, make sure you have a parlor, kitchen and dining room. If you are <10 construction, unless you use the proper argument, the script will stop at level 10 and ask you to build a kitchen and dining room. Start the script in castle wars or in your house. It will walk to the nearest bank otherwise. The script will end when out of supplies, or if you specify a level to end at using arguments. Arguments: For special configurations, this script requires arguments. The delimiter between arguments is a semi-colon, ; Check the spoiler for a full list of arguments, and examples. Approx materials for 1-47: 150 planks 350 nails (depends on success rate) 1200 oak planks 60 house tabs 8 full dueling rings For level 50, use 1800 oak planks, 100+ house tabs, 12+ dueling rings. For building the two bedrooms for using butler, have 4 Bolt of cloth and 1 rope, as well as the required oak planks (1800 from 1-50 is enough). Feel free to post bug reports, please include the bot debug, and providing a picture or video of the problem in action is also very beneficial.
  25. I don't have my mac with me but I'm pretty sure the tribot folder is here: ~/Library/Application Support/tribot