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  1. I like how you probably know the fix but include google solutions to teach people how easy it is to help yourself in most situations where programs are behaving improperly by just using a search engine
  2. Today is update day, probably needs to reload to fix hooks.
  3. dw ill take care of it for you
  4. After an RS update, you need to reload your tribot client TWICE due to a bug which causes problems like the one you are describing.
  5. Are you talking about with fresh clients? Or just with clients that have been open for days
  6. Wait what? You use earth talismans which are 266 ea on GE but probably a little more in bulk.
  7. You are VIP-E from the trial. You can see so from the forums. Try reloading your client, if that is where you are experiencing issues.
  8. Should be fixed now.
  9. Hi, Here is quick, reliable, and progressive construction bot that I wrote to get my abyss runners to 47 construction for a mounted glory, only to realize that I'd rather just use worn glories! I used it to get over 220k xp/hr for a few hours with my main, but other than that it hasn't been extensively used. Link to repo: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/1460 4/13/2016: Updated with ABC2. Instructions: Have plenty of planks, nails, house tabs, oak planks, and rings of dueling in bank Have at least 1 hammer and 1 saw in bank. If you are 1 construction, speak to a real estate agent (there's one in most major cities) and purchase a house for 1000. If you are 10+ construction, make sure you have a parlor, kitchen and dining room. If you are <10 construction, the script will quit once you hit 10 and ask you to bring 10k for those rooms (kitchen and dining room) and build them (the script WILL NOT build the new rooms) Start the script in castle wars or in your house. The script will end when out of supplies, or if you manually stop it. At 50 construction, use argument 'butler' for demon butler, or proceed with using tabs. No other butler is supported. Make sure you have cash in your inventory. Red box for argument: https://gyazo.com/328e5eef01375c87adf915c5c1dd855b For butler: manually do the first oak planks withdraw from him *DEMON BUTLER ONLY*, for *24* oak planks. Custom mouse speed arguments: min,max butler;min,max EXAMPLES: 95,105 butler;95,105 Approx materials for 1-47: 150 planks 350 nails (depends on success rate) 1200 oak planks 60 house tabs 8 full dueling rings If you build the new rooms as soon as it hits 10, you will be done in ~ 55min-1 hour For now, this only supports oak larders from 33+ Feel free to post bug reports, please include the bot debug, and providing a picture or video of the problem in action is also very beneficial.
  10. Low req and obviously the higher the profit the better.
  11. I don't believe there is an active AV on the laptop but I'll make sure to double check that later, thanks.
  12. Please tag me if you find a fix! I use LG frequently on my desktop and occasionally on my dedis, but one of my laptops has the same issue you are describing. Interestingly enough, it out-of-the-blue started working for ~ a month back in August, but then broke again in September. The typical LG fixing steps (delete hooks.dat + general.ini, or re-install java) have been unsuccessful for me.
  13. It was around $.90 to bulk resellers unless its changed drastically overnight
  14. I wouldn't complain if we got back to $1/m
  15. I don't expect them to change. This is probably an over time accomplishment, not a single weekend.
  16. Try reloading your client. I have fixed that bug for my local version, I will upload it eventually. Re-loading the client fixes that in the meantime.
  17. https://www.cpubenchmark.net/
  18. Not sure that there is really a fix for this - I have a very strong PC and multiple servers that can do 50+ bots and I still get this issue eventually (takes ~24hrs usually, but I had a 38 hour LG proggy the other day).
  19. I've found that deleting any of the cache files are completely unnecessary.
  20. Try using OSBuddy instead
  21. iirc isClickable will still return true if its clickable thru a wall
  22. You might have to do it frequently unfortunately, but try deleting general.ini and hooks.dat and then rehooking by loading rs on a regular tribot client, and then try LG again. I have the same issue and that fixes it usually, but it's often temporary sadly.
  23. Very likely to be the case.
  24. Depends on the method/script. I will occasionally get a couple bans on the weekend, but typically not.