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  1. Catacombs should be supported. If something is not supported, provide specific examples.
  2. Awesome release! Good luck with the rest of development.
  3. If you can send me the bot and client debugs from your client during the duration of the script, that will help debug the issue. Please send them in a source such as pastebin, you can message me the link directly. Thank you
  4. Pushed some updates today: Fixed an issue leading to black screen/laggy client when GE items weren't buying Fixed a few niche stuck locations that the script didn't know how to handle.
  5. I only had increased it when the "Purchase all items at once" option was NOT enabled by mistake. I will make sure the price is updated globally.
  6. @contemporary if you encounter the issue again, contact me via pm or discord and I will check out why it is happening if you let me go on the account.
  7. l'll test on an account tomorrow. If I'm unable to reproduce, send me an acc that runs into the issue and I can fix it.
  8. I record quests using OBS with trackers running, and then review the footage when writing the scripts. I still tested this script hundreds of times before releasing, as there are a lot of moving parts.
  9. Fixed an issue where the script did not know how to walk to the essence mine portals. It now knows how to walk to the closest portal. And the quest has also done Rune Mysteries, if not completed, for a while now
  10. You have to call it on the TribotStarter.jar file that is linked in the original post, not the TRiBot_Loader.jar
  11. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/16428098/groovy-shell-warning-could-not-open-create-prefs-root-node Might get the solution there.
  12. Make sure you have Java 8 JDK
  13. Various updates today: Should deposit inventory before equipping gear if junk/crafting materials are detected Setup functionality to specify the amount of GP to withdraw for Grand Exchange activities, and configured the default to be -1 ("All-but-one"). This option will become available with the GUI. Issues getting stuck in leaf deadfall traps Fixes for misconfigured .tribot folder that doesn't allow the grid path to be saved.
  14. The first line of the forum thread...
  15. I have updated default prices for those items, and found out why it wasn't closing the bank. I had some extra convoluted code that was leading to the loop. That has been cleaned up and should work as intended now.
  16. Want to purchase this script with Runescape Gold? Contact SuperModerator @YoHoJo here.
  17. Just fixed that now, must have missed that issue.
  18. Sorry about that, uploading fix now. Fix will work for both bones to peaches and bones to bananas tabs. Hopefully there aren't any other weird items like that. Edit: added exceptions for all other items with "bones" in their name that cannot be used on the ectofuntus.
  19. A small update - this script will remain free for the time being. I plan on adding NMZ questline scripts to this and releasing them together. This will not include stat training, just the quests themselves.
  20. Will be fixed in next release
  21. Thank you! While this is purely anecdotal, I've had my goldfarms purchasing items for specific values for a long time and it has not been a problem for me. The GUI will feature a tab where all purchase-able items are loaded and values can be changed. For now, if you enable the argument "customList", it will load the itemlist.json file in .tribot/RegicideQuestline/ folder. You can specify values in there as well, with more info (such as pricing) on documentation. Feature has not been tested extensively, just an FYI. Updating shortly with the following fixes: Script will attempt to purchase items if it cannot detect arrows of high enough quality to kill enemies. Fixed niche issues with being unable to teleport out from UGP Wrote handler for Tyra's guard being unable to spawn after first dense forest - script will now end at 3rd dense forest. Please contact me if you run into this issue so that I can test the fix, I did not release the combat handler yet. Improved inventory management during initial setup
  22. Underground pass hasn't been saving the grid paths for you, had a mistake in my file/path generator That fix among with a few others will be uploaded shortly. Fixes: Saving grid path Full inventory when trying to pick up Witch's cat - drops junk Brings/buys more arrows if low range Ability to re-navigate the underground pass to obtain: Barrel of coal-tar, Sulphur, Book o' bangs if needed Random isolated issue with PURCHASING_SUPPLIES Script will complete Tree Gnome Village if it detects that Grand Tree is complete but Tree Gnome Village is not, due to a major dax walker bug Improved detection/navigation of the Rotten apple in Biohazard Brings 10 arrows instead of 5 if low range (for shooting rope-bridge) Enables NPC attack options if they are hidden.
  23. I am! It will be much more fairly priced, as many of those quests are available elsewhere. I will not be offering a shorter auth at this time sorry, I am going to see how the initial pricing goes and consider that in the future.
  24. Unfortunately the minimum auth duration is 14 days, otherwise I would love to have a shorter-term option!
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