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  1. Hi, your RSVarbits are returning null so you need to restart your client. If the issue persists after restarting, please try deleting your client cache. You can use this tool to do it for you
  2. Any further discussion for this script should go here, thanks!
  3. Can you please post here using the bug reporrt format? https://tribot.org/forums/topic/82664-ezcluesolver-easy-medium-clues-abc2potential-1mhr/
  4. I don't mind refunding at all if you aren't going to use it (since you just bought it today), so let me know asap if you change your mind! I unfortunately do need specific information to find out why a clue isn't working properly: Bug Report Format: Your profile can be found in your .tribot folder, in the folder: .tribot/ezcluesolver/profile/ Profile (pastebin or txt file): Screenshot/gif (including paint): Bot debug (pastebin or txt file): Client debug (pastebin or txt file): Any additional info to provide:
  5. You are on the wrong thread lol
  6. I would be sure to use the free trial on any scripts before purchasing. It's a great way to get an idea of what the product is like before you purchase it, and it's free. That's why it's offered I do hope to add all of those teleport options over time - but it's a massive undertaking. I cannot feasibly support every POH setup either, but any well designed house with the teleport options located very close to house portal should be supported in the future. My current priority is releasing the combat functionality of this script though. Let me know if you would like a refund (and your auth for the month will be cancelled)
  7. Ferox Enclave will be live tomorrow. There is a minor refactor for the walker engine: https://github.com/itsdax/Runescape-Web-Walker-Engine/pull/60
  8. It does NOT support Ultimate Ironman and probably will not. You have to keep in mind that this script has to obtain over a hundred various items for emote clues. It will not support regular ironman mode either - unless all items are present in bank/stash units.
  9. EzClueSolver is an advanced script which is capable of completing ALL easy and medium clues, as well as unlocking many of the requirements for clues as it finds them. Link to script Features: Currently supports Easy and Medium clues. Determines if your account has the requirements for any given clue. Includes workflows to unlock some easy-to-obtain requirements, such as music clues for entering a specific area, or minor tasks such as adding a rope to Lumbridge caves. Willing to add more if they are simple, just contact me! Specify how to handle clues your account cannot complete: Should we drop it? Should we end the script? Multiple available methods for obtaining clues. Currently supported: Baby, Gourmet, and Eclectic impling jars (easy - medium) Pickpocket H.A.M. members (easy clues) Thieve stone chests in Lizardman temple (medium clues) Planned support for: Killing custom NPC at custom location using custom combat loadout (No current ETA sadly) Hard clues and above Customize equipment setups Customize travel/teleport item setups (Runes, tabs, jewelry, etc) STASH unit building / usage Tracks number of clues and steps completed, as well as any rare drops. High-score data currently unavailable, but that is in the works. How can I learn more about clue scrolls? Easy clues - Wiki article Medium clues - Wiki article Why complete clue scrolls? Where do I earn my gp? The vast majority of your profit will come from specific "chase" items, which hold high value. For medium clues, this means a pair of Ranger boots. For easy clues, this means a Cape of skulls or a few other rare items. This article goes into pretty good detail about the profit breakdown from opening Eclectic impling jars. So basically, you should expect to lose money until you finally hit the Ranger boots drop, at which point you should hopefully be profiting. Proggies/Screenshots: FAQ Post-release update plan: Beginner, Hard, and Elite clues will not be supported until after the first release. Hard will probably be the first set of clues I will work on as they are more desirable IMO. Custom combat functionality for obtaining clues (i.e. kill Hellhounds, Guards, etc) - coming next. Puzzle solving needs to be written from scratch! Fortunately, data from open source clients is very helpful for that. Bug Report Format: Your profile can be found in your .tribot folder, in the folder: .tribot/ezcluesolver/profile/ Profile (pastebin or txt file): Screenshot/gif (including paint): Bot debug (pastebin or txt file): Client debug (pastebin or txt file): Any additional info to provide: Thanks for reading! Best of luck botting.
  10. You press the red X to close the GUI and start the script. The repository had an issue which caused the script to not start. It has been fixed now.
  11. I will be adding custom NPC + locations for killing probably within 2 weeks. It will not be included at the premium release, which I hope will be at the end of the week. Been busy with back-to-work stuff since my state has re-opened businesses etc, but I'm finally able to commit quite a bit more time to development.
  12. I only have a goofy dog though...
  13. I would add yourself as a follower to Todd, Trilez, and Fluffee for new threads as they would be the ones posting any major updates!
  14. Historically, a new thread is posted by Todd or Trilez when they release an update which includes the patch notes. That hasn't been happening lately, I will ask Todd if he can try to.
  15. Make sure you are on the latest version of TRiBot. Looks like you are on an older version where Projection methods are broken.
  16. Clicking the screen instead of the minimap is not a guaranteed solution. If the generated route from your mouse click still takes you through the tree, it will not move. I'll investigate other options.
  17. I think you have your tiles swapped for those. Kalphite Slayer Cave is definitely supported, I just generated a path there. If you are passing a random tile in an area, you are potentially going to try to walk to blocked tiles which DaxWalker will not return a path for. Waterfall dungeon itself is mapped, however the link from the waterfall entrance to the dungeon entrance does not seem to be working properly. I'll see if I can get it to work, but it's an edge case so it might be something Dax will be better able to figure out. I know you are complaining about a specific script, I can't update that script. It's not my script. I personally handled the undead tree in my scripts using the walking condition which you are able to include as an argument. I'll see what I can do to add a fix to the main engine- however the owner of dWalker will need to update it in order for that to mean anything to you.
  18. Please be sure to grab the commit for the new navigation special case for Nardah Carpet Ride, found here https://github.com/itsdax/Runescape-Web-Walker-Engine/pull/59/commits/5630036878d6e67eeb06cc630dcd4283be9eae51
  19. I believe that the script is only configured to check inventory items for light sources, which is probably why the kandarin headgear isn't being detected. I will add that check. I will add some debug messages to the fenkenstrain castle workflow to try to see what setting is different on your account than the ones I've completed that portion on. I need specifics for things like the ardy cloak teleport. The ardy cloak probably has a different teleport option when it is equipped versus when it is in your inventory. I can grab that info on my account though.
  20. The clue in the picture will require a light source and a rope if you have not opened the cave entrance. Do you have the selected light source in your bank? The script should buy a rope if you are missing one. I will look at adding a message + ending the script upon discovering you are missing your light source, assuming that is the case. The fenkenstrain clue uses RSVarBit data to determine if the underground area has been unlocked. It actually doesn't need to check the quest status at all - there is a specific varbit that correlates to the triangle prism being placed on the tomb, and another separate varbit that correlates to the gate being unlocked after killing the level 50 experiment. If your account is consistently giving incorrect data for that, please send me a PM with your account info so that I can check it out.
  21. https://tribot.org/forums/topic/77433-zamorak-mage-miniquest/
  22. Medium clues currently only supports eclectic implings. It will support stone chests in the lizardman temple as well as custom NPCs
  23. The premium version of this script is being discontinued as it has been purchased by an individual for private use. I will be drastically increasing the price of this script at the end of the week, and then discontinuing it after all active auths have expired. I appreciate all subscribers thus far, however this opportunity was too good for me not to take.
  24. Hi all, I have had a clue solver in development/beta for a while now, and it's ready for you to try it out! Development thread Repository link This script currently is able to: Solve all easy clues Solve all medium clues Open Baby, Gourmet, and Eclectic impling jars for easy/medium clues Use Eclectic implings for medium, Gourmet for easy. Thieve HAM members for easy clues I plan on adding: Combat methods of obtaining Medium clues - cannon guards at custom locations, etc. Thieving stone chests for medium clues (Zeah) Hard clue solver Elite clue solver ? Master clue solver ? However the higher level clues will take some time to work out! Medium clue scroll requirements: All requirements can be found here. I will also list them below and include which requirements this script will automatically get for you! If you don't meet a requirement, the script handles error based upon your choices in the GUI: it will either drop the clue, or end the script. Why complete medium clue scrolls? PROFIT Math below: Here is an awesome screenshot showing 2 ranger boots in 1 hour, and 72m/hr profit (obviously this rate will not be kept) The script has over a thousand clue scrolls completed in the past few days! Let's keep that number going up Estimated pricing at release: $5/month for 1 instance, $20/month for 10
  25. Can you provide a script stack trace during the long delay?
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