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  1. Are you talking about with fresh clients? Or just with clients that have been open for days
  2. Wait what? You use earth talismans which are 266 ea on GE but probably a little more in bulk.
  3. You are VIP-E from the trial. You can see so from the forums. Try reloading your client, if that is where you are experiencing issues.
  4. Should be fixed now.
  5. Low req and obviously the higher the profit the better.
  6. I don't believe there is an active AV on the laptop but I'll make sure to double check that later, thanks.
  7. Please tag me if you find a fix! I use LG frequently on my desktop and occasionally on my dedis, but one of my laptops has the same issue you are describing. Interestingly enough, it out-of-the-blue started working for ~ a month back in August, but then broke again in September. The typical LG fixing steps (delete hooks.dat + general.ini, or re-install java) have been unsuccessful for me.
  8. It was around $.90 to bulk resellers unless its changed drastically overnight
  9. I wouldn't complain if we got back to $1/m
  10. I don't expect them to change. This is probably an over time accomplishment, not a single weekend.
  11. I set up my private script that I farmed before the nerf to be cake-friendly for low levels, and to use pineapple pizzas or lobsters for high levels (both things I have a lot in stock, the item itself doesn't matter). I found that abc2 levels of eating were not safe on very high levels, as the damage you receive scales off of your hp level (among other factors) and if the brazier explodes you can get combo'd pretty quick. I personally have my accounts eat whenever they are low enough to gain the full effect of the food, and have not had any casualties since then. Some variability would probably be fine. I don't really run it a lot since the nerf, so I haven't had too many opportunities to die either
  12. Try reloading your client. I have fixed that bug for my local version, I will upload it eventually. Re-loading the client fixes that in the meantime.
  13. https://www.cpubenchmark.net/
  14. Not sure that there is really a fix for this - I have a very strong PC and multiple servers that can do 50+ bots and I still get this issue eventually (takes ~24hrs usually, but I had a 38 hour LG proggy the other day).
  15. I've found that deleting any of the cache files are completely unnecessary.