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  1. FALSkills

    How to run my script

    You need VIP or VIP-E to run local scripts.
  2. I think rsbuddy prices are down atm
  3. If there is an animation for it, then I don't believe it is hooked by tribot.
  4. Standing and walking animations are -1, there is no animation. You can use isMoving from RSCharacter to determine if you are moving. You posted code for projectiles not animations.
  5. FALSkills

    EzConstruction 1-33 (or 99)

    I was getting the same bug, it's fixed now. Thanks If you use the "build" argument as described in first post, it will build the rooms for you
  6. FALSkills

    EzConstruction 1-33 (or 99)

    I can test it later, I have not modified that part of the script in a while so maybe try re-opening client or deleting hooks?
  7. You are not setting an api key. check the read me on github
  8. FALSkills

    Eagle's Peak

    I will probably not be adding custom teleport options in the near future. I recommend completing the witchs house quest if you need hp.
  9. FALSkills

    EzConstruction 1-33 (or 99)

    Does it print a number at script start? If so, which number?
  10. Are you using the current version? I am not having any issues. Post the debug if it continues
  11. FALSkills

    AvasQuestline [Beta][Free]

    I also just purposefully tried to get stuck in Ernest the Chicken basement and it handled it properly.
  12. FALSkills

    AvasQuestline [Beta][Free]

  13. FALSkills

    AvasQuestline [Beta][Free]

    I just ran through an account for both Ernest the Chicken and Restless Ghost, on standard tribot client. The chat did not have any issues whatsoever, and the Ernest the Chicken basement was smooth. Please record a video/gif of issues you experience if possible, you can pm them to me if they have account info shown. Try restarting your client and/or deleting hooks if it is not behaving properly. @Snowbear
  14. House teleport is not supported whatsoever at this time.
  15. It's usually referred to as an "anchor point" which is something that can be used to determine which area you are in, and then is used to map the required interactions of the area.