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  1. FALSkills

    Cant use bot, insta banning

    I never was an advocate of using LG, but it's all I use as of now. Level 3 accounts are flagged by the automatic system and banned as quickly as within 10 minutes for me, across various proxy providers and residential addresses, even without running scripts.
  2. FALSkills

    EzConstruction 1-33 (or 99)

    Update fixing the Call Servant interface has been pushed. Let me know if there are any other problems, I didn't do a run-through of the script.
  3. FALSkills

    EzConstruction 1-33 (or 99)

    I'll take a look, it must have an incorrect interface. Thanks for letting me know
  4. FALSkills

    EzConstruction 1-33 (or 99)

    If you install the lowest level bell pull in your dining room, the script should recognize it and use the Call Butler option in the POH settings menu. Let me know if that helps.
  5. FALSkills

    Client Osbuddy

    Try downloading both the regular version and the cross-platform versions and seeing if either works better for you. There should be an option to choose on their website.
  6. FALSkills

    Tears of Guthix [Open Source]

    I believe that I need to do some work on it to make it more efficient, it's been getting less tears than I'd typically get manually. Although it has performed well for me many times, getting 150+ tears at 200 or so QP.
  7. FALSkills

    Need more help with getLoginResponse()

    I don't believe Login.getLoginResponse() is printing that message, my personal login handler is able to parse that message just fine and handle it accordingly. You are likely calling Login.login() which is unable to handle that message, or the login bot is taking over and unable to handle that message.
  8. FALSkills

    EzConstruction 1-33 (or 99)

    It should be! I'll run it today and confirm. edit: Yes it is working fine.
  9. FALSkills

    getHealthPercent() being weird?

    Just make sure the health bar (npc.isInCombat) is above the npc before checking health percent, otherwise it will return incorrect values.
  10. FALSkills

    Client of Kourend [Open Source]

    I'm not sure what you mean, the 20% favor is the reward for the quest so you should have already picked one if the quest is done.
  11. FALSkills

    Pureleaf's private messenger

    Thanks, now I can spam all of @YoHoJo's accounts in game!
  12. FALSkills

    Trying to make vorkath script.

    You can increase mouse speed if you haven't already in the Mouse class. Alternatively, if you are hovering near the location as it spawns, your mouse will have much less distance to move.
  13. FALSkills

    Trying to make vorkath script.

    I use the projectile speed of the projectile that generates the spawn to predict the end location, and adjust my camera accordingly. I rotate my camera using the middle mouse button because it is quicker.
  14. FALSkills

    Help with getLoginResponse()

    If the login bot has taken over when you are trying to print that message, the script thread is paused and so the println call will not happen until the login bot finishes. Unless it has changed recently, Login responses all use standard spaces. My login handler detects it using this: badMessages.add("Your attempt to log into your account was unsuccessful. Don't worry, you can sort this out by visiting the billing system."); ... badMessages.contains(Login.getLoginResponse());
  15. FALSkills

    Does Tribot actually support VPN's?

    Oops no a VPN should work as you described, all traffic should be tunneled through it.