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  1. Thank you! That option will be available in the future. I hope to have major updates released by next weekend.
  2. Can you send me a screenshot/gif of it happening please? I just tested on my account and did not experience any issues, however I did make a modification and extended the sleep timer during the cutscene. Let me know if you continue to experience the issue. The update should be live.
  3. I'm not sure why you would be getting that error, but I pushed code which should print which quests it thinks aren't complete. Let me know what it says.
  4. Requires: 51 agility 25 ranged 50+ ranged OR 75+ magic Does your account meet those requirements?
  5. Can you restart your client and let me know if the issue persists.
  6. It worked on my local version, so I pushed current version. Let me know if it persists.
  7. Can you let me know which doors specifically? I'll take a look asap
  8. Please check the first post for information on using the script, which includes arguments such as 'purchase' which will prevent issues like this from happening. I am pushing an update now that should allow it to figure out what item it is missing. I predict you are missing arrows, and it will trigger code that should go purchase the missing items.
  9. I am not sure what your issue is based upon what you wrote. Can you please send me a screenshot or recording of whatever you are experiencing, and send me the full client debug? If you right click the client debug at the bottom of the client and choose Copy to clipboard, you should be able to paste it into a website such as pastebin.com and send me the link. You can either send me a message here on tribot or contact me on discord at FALSkills#1985
  10. Yes it definitely should be!
  11. Let me know if it's better now, I did a couple thousand oak planks on one of my accs yesterday and tried to streamline some things/fix that issue.
  12. Sounds like missing ghostspeak amulet was the case - I will implement code to retrieve it at some point (if missing).
  13. Are you missing Ghostspeak amulet? Or is it equipped. The script does not retrieve it currently
  14. If you've already restarted client, try using Objects.getAll (you can filter out undesired objects or filter specific items by tile for example) and iterate to see if it finds the tree object
  15. FALSkills

    Client starter

    There's often an error in the Bot Debug if the script doesn't start.
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