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  1. "treegnomevillage" - Tree Gnome Village - requires 13 magic, 20 hitpoints "fightarena" - The Fight Arena - requires 13 magic and 24 hitpoints Make sure you have those requirements. If you meet them, try restarting your client.
  2. Hmm I'm not sure why that would be occurring, the Leather gloves vs Combat bracelet are handled by completely separate workflows which do not intersect. If you can send me a full bug report using the Bug Report format from when this occurs I can take a look and see if there is another reason that can be patched up.
  3. Special thanks to @cass2186 who created an excel/google sheets argument builder! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1rifBvt8cDQUBKgEi5L9sBqxPGT5lElCzC2Z0ey9LdS4/copy Looks great and easy to use for anyone scared of arguments.
  4. I refunded if you would like to buy a different package
  5. Added arguments for the quests: Merlin's Crystal The Holy Grail
  6. There is a bug report format in the first post. That is how you report issues to me so that I can fix them. Giving little bits of information is very often unhelpful. Now let's go through each "report": Please provide the chat option that isn't being used and I can take a look at it. This quest has unique chat options based upon other completed quests. I will happily add it if you can give me the information required. This will be added in the next update. This has been fixed and will be in the next update. The script cannot start looking for the ancient talisman unless it has the specimen jar in the code. Please provide a bug report using the proper bug report format.
  7. FALSkills

    Eagle's Peak

    Do you have the requirements? It started for me. Please post useful information such as the debugs on your client so that I can assist you.
  8. Should be fixed in this release, thanks
  9. https://tribot.org/repository/user_panel/vip/ make sure recurring is disabled at the bottom, or just don't buy more tribot credits
  10. I don't really see how or why that would ever affect ban rates. It is a fairly randomly generated number associated with the required GP to purchase all items, with a baseline multiplier to ensure that it has more than adequate gold considering market fluctuations. Sure, I could round up to the nearest thousand or ten thousand, but then you would be creating the exact same "pattern" that you are proposing exists. Some people spam digits to withdraw, some people fill in clean numbers, some people don't even know that you can type "k" or "m" into enter amount menus.
  11. I will add this very shortly, and thought that it was already designed to do so.. It's not easy if you are unfamiliar with tribot or using arguments for programs. I think it's quite reliable myself, but I am certainly biased.
  12. I think all required libraries should be in the dependencies folder now, but not positive. Gson and Allatori-annotations are the only ones that come to mind
  13. Sounds like you have packaging errors. Make sure to put the dax_api folder into your scripts folder. You can also go to the file that is getting that error and look yourself. There is a free public key but if too many people are using it, your api calls will be delayed/denied.
  14. Added the message to the chat handler. Thanks
  15. I will need the full message to fix it including punctuation. I will try to grab it later. I am guessing that this is an additional quest option when Client of Kourend quest is not complete, but not sure.
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