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  1. This thread will be dedicated to the development of my Regicide questline script, which will function solely via script arguments. The script is not released yet. This thread is to be used to track development, and provide input on configurable options. Expect a public release within 1-2 weeks. I expect it to be free and public for less than a month. Requirements: 51+ agility. 25 ranged minimum to shoot the bridge down. 50+ ranged OR 75+ magic for combat portions. Current state: Over 200 accounts completed, thanks to Worthy's Zulrah Slayer discord channel. Automatically know which quest (and which step in the quest) your character is on. Navigate the Underground Pass and Isfadar from any step and pretty much any location. Saves the UGP grid path to a file to remember it for future trips. Supports magic and ranged combat styles. For ranged, the best detected shortbow will be used. Magic only supports trident of seas/swamp. Automatically picks the best gear for the chosen combat style from bank. Uses optimal navigation techniques, skipping all traps if possible. Boosts from 51 agility. Doesn't bring boosts if agility is 56+. Purchases all required items. Purchases leather crafting materials and trains crafting to 10, if necessary. Full Looking Glass support (I only have completed it on Looking Glass and strongly encourage its use) Has completed the entire questline, including purchasing supplies, in ~ 2 hours 30 minutes. Some of it depends on luck with passing agility obstacles. 3 hours avg completion time. Tasks to complete before initial release: Building argument handling Ability to purchase optimal gear if it is not found in bank. Additional bug handling as discovered. Future potential options: Melee support Additional ranged/mage options (crossbows, blowpipe, spells, etc.) Death walk/handler Compiled argument list: define default sleep min/max between actions telegrab mode for obtaining amulets from demons (by default on for now... might change that) enable abc2 tracking/actions for all script actions (by default on) enable abc2 reactions (by default off) prefer middle mouse camera prefer keyboard for chat purchase items purchase gear enable magic mode specify food name (default Shark) specify food quantity (default fills inventory) enable stamina usage (default Yes) specify stamina quantity (default 4) specify individual gear slots by item name taking breaks after completing a quest I will provide documentation on arguments as well as an argument generator via Google Sheets. If you have used the Google Sheet for my Unofficial CLI, it will be a very similar document. I am looking for additional user configuration options. Got an idea for something that isn't listed in the argument list? Post it and I'll consider adding it! Screenshots:
  2. Testing it right now. Edit: it worked on my local version. I pushed my current version to the repo, let me know if it's working for you as well.
  3. I have a new version that will be pushed out once I get a chance to test it again. Features: Major script structure changes, allowing the quests to be re-ordered Allowing the "Purchase all items at once" option Ability to disable random idles while using dax walker New paint Saves settings from last run Various minor bug fixes I have posted this script for premium scripter application. It will be removed at a later date and re-introduced as a premium script, assuming it meets expectations.
  4. Maybe sometime! I have a few of them coded already...
  5. FALSkills

    Eagle's Peak

    In that case, it should be fixed now! Thanks for the helpful debug info.
  6. FALSkills

    Eagle's Peak

    I believe that should be fixed now as well.
  7. FALSkills

    Eagle's Peak

    Uploaded new version, let me know if it persists. Thanks
  8. New version out. Fixed a major issue with banking/purchasing supplies that resulted in an endless loop. Please let me know if you have suggestions/criticisms!
  9. The script should again support Veo's new location. Hopefully they stop moving him...
  10. Thank you! The script should support the new Veos location.
  11. Maybe, but 6 months ago it was this exact same process.
  12. That's how it's always been lol
  13. Next release will fix that issue for stamina potions. I will have to debug the issue for glories though, different problems by the looks of it.
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