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  1. I would suggest removing that. I'm not going to make dax walker thread-safe, as that is not the appropriate usage of it.
  2. Are you grabbing collision data in an external thread at the same time?
  3. If you read the debug when it occurs, it tries to buy items when it is missing a required item. I will add a check for ironman helmet and to end the script instead. Please use the requested bug report format moving forward with any reports.
  4. Cake will have unique names for each bite, if you only enter "Cake" it will only take 1 bite from each cake... so you would need to enter "2/3 cake" and "Slice of cake" or whatever the names are. Custom food selection was not working properly. It should work now.
  5. I am drastically changing the pricing scheme of this script due to the fact that Zulrah botting has become less lucrative as of late. I will happily refund any recent purchases (within the past week) if you want the new pricing scheme. The lowest price will now be $30 for 10 instances. I am also considering altering this script and making it have the same price, but merging it with EzQuester as a custom version of EzQuester.
  6. New version automatically grabs the latest version of TRiBot and no longer packages TRiBot with it (eliminating the need for me to repackage it after an update). New optional argument: jarName~"TRiBot-10.19.5.jar" (or whichever version you want)
  7. The current dropbox link should load 10.19.5. I don't know if I will continue doing releases for it as I have to package it with the current tribot version when it's built, so yes I recommend transitioning to the official CLI when possible.
  8. It still works for me. Grab the newest version if it's not working for you. I will not be updating this any further since the official CLI rollout is in phase 2.
  9. I'll happily refund you if you don't want to try to get it to work. It's really simple if you read the first post in the thread. I would recommend using the free trial of a script before purchasing it in the future.
  10. I have already shown you via PM, but it is (and has always been) included at the beginning of the thread.
  11. I pushed an update around 3 hours ago but that's it. No black magic here
  12. I am looking into the issue. I have implemented a work-around to bypass the issue for now.
  13. VIP allows you to run "free scripts" without restriction. EzQuester currently has a 1 hr free trial, so if you can't see that then it must require VIP to use the trials.
  14. Pretty sure you need VIP to use free trials but not positive
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