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  1. [ABCL 10] ExShopper - AIO Shop Buyer & Seller

    The game servers are under going maintenance, and all UK worlds are offline. It should be back up sometime soon, check the osrs site.
  2. EzHellratCatcher [Open Source]

    Yea I had to update it in two spots sorry :thonking:
  3. EzHellratCatcher [Open Source]

    Image links were changed, I updated them and surrounded with try/catch to at least let it run if they change again.
  4. Anyone still having issue with banking

    Probably a script issue, the common method for checking if bank items are loaded had an interface change. Post on the relevant script thread.
  5. there is some error with the withdraw when banking

    It's been posted to the issues github already, just be patient.
  6. EzHellratCatcher [Open Source]

    Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it. I used it to gather extra spices for temporary boosts when completing diaries on my higher level accounts.
  7. Random Events

    I was just telling you that it's no longer available.
  8. Catching text from players ingame

    This is the interface you want to implement: https://tribot.org/doc/org/tribot/script/interfaces/MessageListening07.html
  9. Random Events

    No, it will ignore them. Random event minigames were removed. "Solving" them is dismissing them.
  10. Random Events

    As a user you can disable it from Settings, and as a scripter you can call Script.setRandomSolverState(false)
  11. TRiBot Release 9.308_0

    implement the Arguments interface. tribot.org/docs
  12. Connect to OSBuddy using looking glass, set your proxy, minimize the tribot client, play on OSBuddy. Repeat whenever the client seems laggy or daily. Or use a tool as other users have suggested.
  13. Better Cannon Clicker (BCC)

    You can also look into the Projectiles class and MessageListening07 interface to more accurately determine when the cannon needs refilling.
  14. looking glass disappeared

    Has anything changed on your end? Did you try closing the client and opening it again?
  15. Tears of Guthix [Open Source]

    Thanks for letting me know, I will push that update shortly. done