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  1. If you enable the purchase supplies checkbox it will buy everything it needs. If you try to run it and it doesnt have an item it needs, it will figure that out and go buy the items.
  2. Can you please use the bug report format like I already asked? Can you try to help me by describing what's happening? Is it eating the rabbit? Is it saying it is missing the rabbit even if it has it? I can only help you if I have details. I would suggest closing all clients and deleting your jagexcache.
  3. Nothing has changed on the scripts end - are you aware that resizable has been down? Make sure you are on release 10.23.1, and as always, if you are having issues you need to provide a bug report using the bug report format. I can't troubleshoot an issue without any information about it.
  4. I can guess why it may be happening, but I would know for sure if you provided a bug report using the bug report format on the first post, as requested.
  5. I will have to check in with dax to resolve this issue, as it looks to me like it could be a structural issue which may have unforeseen side effects if I change it. Server updates were just deployed today, so unfortunately a fix will probably not be around for a while (1-3 weeks judging by current deployment history). Either way, I will fix it for next deployment.
  6. Script is not working after today's RS update - TRiBot method Projection#tileToMinimap is broken, which will cause most (if not all) walking methods to fail. An issue report has been created, hopefully our development team will fix it soon.
  7. It's actually a different issue, before you were stuck on MANAGING COMBAT and now you are unable to proceed because it doesn't have the proper purchase list. NatureSpirit's purchase list has now been updated.
  8. Are you sure? It looks like it's properly configured to me. It checks for agility level greater than or equal to 61, and if a nose peg or slayer helmet is equipped. Please provide a full bot debug showing the issue.
  9. I can't really do anything with that information. Please follow the bug report format: Bug Report Format: Argument used: Screenshot/gif (including paint): Bot debug (txt file or pastebin link): Client debug (txt file or pastebin link): Any additional info to provide:
  10. Gonna provide some feedback on your crafter: Your script uses arguments, which is great. Your script caches the received value from the passArguments method, and then later continually refers to variable for repetitive calculations. Why not do those calculations once, when you receive the argument? You would save (minimal) computing time and have cleaner looking methods down the line. (see hasMats and hasRequired methods for examples) long dumbass = Skills.getXP(Skills.SKILLS.CRAFTING) - startingXP; You can probably think of a better name for this RSItem[] leather = Inventory.find("Leather"); return leather.length > 0 && leather[0] != null; Only the length check is required I dislike the way you designed your progressive aspect of the script. You repeat a ton of code for each item, when you can definitely put each crafting method in an enum which stores information such as the interface child, the key to press, etc. enum Methods { LEATHER_GLOVES(1, 14, 1), LEATHER_BOOTS(7, 15, 2) ; int requiredLevel,interfaceChild,key; Methods(int requiredLevel, int interfaceChild, int key){ this.requiredLevel = requiredLevel; this.interfaceChild = interfaceChild; this.key = key; } } You can easily optimize/simplify calculations in many spots, see HANDLING_INTERFACES handler: if (craftingLevel < 7) { //... } else if(craftingLevel < 9){ //... } else if(craftingLevel < 11){ //... } A lot of methods you create in your script (openBank, closeBank) utilize API methods which return booleans, but they never return those booleans and just return "true" by default. You don't need to utilize those return values, but then I would recommend making the method void so that you are explicitly showing that the response of that method is unnecessary. I will return to this application later.
  11. If you used the bug report format then I would have all information I need to fix this. Unfortunately you did not use it. I am fairly certain that I already have this fixed locally and am pushing the updated daxwalker folder. Please please please always use the bug report format, saves me from having to ask for additional information or having to bring an acc to simulate the issue (your issue is that you completed X marks the spot first, which generates unique dialogue)
  12. I just ran the repository version of Druidic Ritual and it is able to purchase and withdraw items perfectly fine. Please report the issue using the bug report format if you are experiencing issues. Khazard warlord fight already has a handler for if another player is fighting the warlord. It idles until they finish. It checks in multiple ways: if the Khazard warlord is targeting an enemy, it checks if your player is that target. It also checks if another player is currently targeting the warlord. Not sure what you are talking about with spam clicking. It is already configured to hop too. Once it has been waiting for 100 script loops, it will hop to a new world if still unable to fight the warlord.
  13. Correct, although I haven't come across that option yet. Sounds tempting.
  14. The problem is that you are clicking "Take" and it is clicking the first option that starts with "Take" which is top item on the stack. You should grab the item definition to get the name of the item, so you can then click: "Take " + itemName. If you know which item you are trying to click beforehand, you can hardcode it as "Take Magnet" or whatever you're trying to take. You can also check the RSMenuNodes from the ChooseOption class to check which specific option pertains to which specific RSGroundItem, which can be useful in some situations
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