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  1. Hello! Have been testing this little bit. Really nice work Some things u should think about: "low lvl mode" - Ur script is killing lavas until run out of food or out of runes or full inventory. If u have a bot with 25hp and ur full inventory of items(0 food), u might get killed by lavas easily. U should add feature to kill until some amount food left, for example . And it doesnt support supper enegy/stamina
  2. Last location before getting banned?: falconary Skill botted?: Hunter Breaks or no? Yes. 1hr 30 mins in and 30ish out. If so how long?: 1hr 30 mins in and 30ish out. How long did you bot per day?: 6hr only daytime Banned before?: yes, but used different ip, surely nonflagged Type of ban?: Perm. VPS/VPN/Proxy?: (Yes / No/ Which).No, Used non flagged IP Scripts Used? qqqBirds or something + Red chin script. Other Bots Used?: Osbot same time. How many bots at a time were being run?: 4 Date banned?: 11/01/2016 Fresh account/Days acc used?: 2-3days My fourth account that did not get banned, i was useing 2 dollar falconary script. But earlier i used the same script i was useing with the 3 accounts that got banned. All 4 accounts were under 1 IP, idk how 1 account is still running
  3. big car6

    11/1 bans

    3/4 got hit today
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